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Thursday, October 20, 2011

"The Blind Side" - Movie Review

By Ray Yen & Widom Wang
What's the blind side? In fact, it means the part of the American football field that the players cannot see. If they are tackled from the blind side, they suffer an intense impact.  The Blind Side is also a new movie.  The stars are Sandra Bullock (Anne Touhy), Tim McGraw (Sean Touhy), Quinton Aaron (Michael), and Kathy Bates (Michael's Tutor).This is an inspiring movie based on the true story of a football player, Michael Oher.

Michael Oher was born in a poor single-parent family, not knowing where, or even who, his father is. In addition, his mother was addicted to drugs, so she couldn’t even feed Michael. Soon, Michael was taken away by the state government and placed in a host family. However, because of his shyness, he became an “escaper” – he continually ran away. Finally and fortunately, he transferred to Wingate Christian School, where he came to the turning point in his entire life.

When he was a student at Wingate, he met Anne Tuohy, a white mother living a wealthy and comfortable life. Anne and her husband, Sean, had a lovely family of two kids, Sean Junior and Collins, who were both students at Wingate. One rainy horrible day, Anne encountered Michael, and she decided to help him. At the beginning, the Tuohys wondered if this was a wise decision. Gradually, each family member discovered Michael’s attractive character and warmly welcomed him. When Michael was studying in Wingate, both his homeroom teacher and Anne found that he had a marvelous talent in football. Then they decided to support him to enter university as a football player.  Finally, Michael was able to play as a professional in the NFL.

Dramas usually have beautiful and effective soundtracks. This movie is no exception. Jazz and Blues, which is an awesome combination of full hollow-body electric guitar, piano, violin and flute, controls the feelings and emotions of each part of the movie. One famous song used in this movie was, “Cello Song,” adapted by Jose Gonzalez. It leads the audience into the scene when Michael is brought from the black slum to the rich area, showing his fear and uncomfortable feeling toward the strange, unknown surroundings.

There are several messages in the movie. One of these messages is about helping others. Anne made up her mind to help Michael because she wanted to, not because she had another purpose. Some people told her there were a lot of ways to help others and not to do this.  Do you think we should avoid helping others in a certain way? Should we help others only if we have no other purpose? Does this mean that only rich people can help others? You will find the answer only by helping others.

The Blind Side is definitely worth watching.  First, the plot is easy to understand and suitable for everyone to watch.  Second, you can appreciate the outstanding music.  Third, there are some meaningful messages you will find in the movie.  The movie not only is enjoyable, but also makes you think!

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