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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dress Up for an Interview!

        By Lisa Huang & Marian Li
        The first impression is very important when you are going to an interview. You can make the first step to success by dressing appropriately. There are three things you have to pay attention to when you are dressing up for an interview—your clothing, your hair and your make up.
        The most important is your clothing because it is the first thing the interviewer sees when you step into the room. The clothes you wear can show what kind of person you are and how much you value this interview. How can you show how much you value the interview? Depending on the type of the job, you need to figure out what kind of clothes you should wear. For instance, if you are interviewing for finance job, you should wear a suit or other formal clothing. If you are interviewing for a job which requires more creativity, your style of clothing should show how unique you are.
        Another important thing to think about is your hairstyle. Your hair should be tidy. If your hair is not neat, you may look like you have no energy. Furthermore, your bangs must not fall down in front of your eyes. If your bangs are too long, you can comb them to one side.
        Last but not least, your make up must be clean. Light and natural make up is vital. Your eye shadow should not be too thick and dark, or you may look like a panda. On the other hand, you can not choose a bright color of eye shadow, or you may not look professional. As for lip stick, you’d better choose the color which matches well with your skin color.
        In conclusion, being professional not only means having knowledge, but having the sense about how to dress for an interview or for work. Dressing might not be the only thing you need to pay attention to for an interview, but it can make a good or bad impression, and that is the most important thing!


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