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Thursday, October 20, 2011

It Really Is "Pay Easy"!

By Mary Hsu & Jeffery Chen
        Everybody knows what vending machines are, but you may not have experienced the newest type.  It’s called “Life+Smart Self-service Store,” and it’s located in two wooden gazeboes beside the Aeronautical Engineering and College of Engineering Buildings.

        These “stores” have several innovative features.  A new way to pay is its major characteristic.  You just use your student ID card (which has enough money stored inside) to purchase your goods.  Moreover, this new type of vending machine will give an invoice after your purchase.  It is a unique function you have never seen.  However, you can experience it now in Feng Chia University.  All products in these machines are creative, edgy, and stylish.

        PayEasy, IMEI, HealthLife and Light+Bio were invited by our school to participate in this smart store.  The quality of products from these brands is incredible.  Cosmetics, snacks, souvenirs, and even potted plants are available now in these machines.  Choose the goods you want and pay with your school ID card; the automatic service can let you shop easily and conveniently.

        Many souvenirs are available in these new vending machines.  In “Life+Smart Self-service Store,” you can buy souvenirs of the Taipei Flower Exposition; the flower show memorial cards are the best sellers among souvenirs.

        Using the new “Life+Smart Self-service Store” is a wonderful shopping experience.  Next time you pass by one of these gazeboes, you can try one of these machines.  Happy shopping!

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