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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The FCU Tug of War

By Anna Chung and Amber Chen
The tug of war is an important sport event which is held every year at FCU. All of the different department’s teams are practicing for the tug of war contest in the middle of October. Every day at about 5 or 6 PM, you can hear the roaring sound from those athletes as you are walking through the campus or the playground. Have you ever wondered why they practice so hard?

Tug of war is an energetic and meaningful folk sport. This exercise originated in the ancient military in the Warring States (403-221 B.C.). In a tug of war, there are two teams standing on opposite sides in the sports ground. When the judge gives the signal to begin, it means the start of the contest. The winner will be the team who pulls the rope two meters past the starting point within one minute. Every member of the tug of war team is very important because union is strength.

How did the tug of war contest become a traditional sport’s event in FCU?  The main reason was because the President of FCU wanted to hold a tug of war contest on Feng Chia University’s anniversary about forty years ago. Since then, this sport event has become an exciting and hot-blooded contest for all Feng Chia students. When the day of the contest is coming, all of the students in each department will go to the sports ground to cheer for their department’s team. All of the teams will compete in the tug of war tournament for two weeks until there are only two teams left. The final round contest will be held on Nov 12, which is also the same day as Feng Chia University’s 50th anniversary.

The tug of war is not only a sport, but also an opportunity for students to learn how to cooperate with each other. No matter what the final result is, the spirit of the tug of war will be passed down forever. Now you should link to Feng Chia University’s website and write down the tug of war contest’s date on your schedule or in your notebook. Then throw out your pen and go out and support your team!

FCU Anniversary Celebration tug-of-war Web page:

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