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Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Green" Fashion

By Claire Yu & Christina Hong
     As you know, “green” is the most popular issue nowadays. Government agencies and schools are all advocating “going green,” FCU included. However, young people always like to be on the cutting edge of fashion. If you want to become a “green fashion icon, why not just start from your daily life?

       Perhaps you will think it’s ridiculous to combine fashion with environmental protection, but it is possible! Young people like us realize that we have to respect and protect our environment. However, we can’t stand to be environmental friendly but look ugly. Therefore, we would like to show you three ways that you fashion can combine with environmental protection.

       Environmentally friendly cup. When you eat out, you should take your own environmental friendly cup instead of a disposable cup or bottle. Compared with disposable cups or bottles, environmental friendly cups are better for our environment. Although disposable cups or bottles can be recycled, they still cause serious garbage problems. Environmental friendly cups can be reused, so they won’t create that much garbage. What’s more, there are some shops that can help you design your own cup, so you will have the most unique and the most fashionable cup in the world.

       Environmental friendly tableware. When eating out, you should also take your own environmental friendly tableware. Disposable tableware poses a serious threat to nature because factories need to cut down trees to make bamboo chopsticks. If you use environmental friendly tableware, you can save trees and forests. Also, even if you are tired of eating out and want to stay home, you can use your ideal, lovely, and fashionable tableware, so that every time you have your meal, you can always be in a good mood.

        Reusable shopping bag. When you go shopping, you should take your own bag instead of using plastic bags. Plastic bags will cause environmental pollution. If you burn plastic bags, it will create poisonous gas, and it will then pollute the air. If you bury plastic bags in the ground, it will then pollute the soil because plastic is not easy to be dissolved. You need to arouse your environmental friendly conscience bring your own bag instead of using plastic bags. In addition, there are also lots of fashionable bags on the market, so you can choose your ideal bag. You can enjoy your shopping and save the planet at the same time!

        All of these products are easily available. You don’t need to spend much money. You don’t need to be that impractical like in a fashion show. It’s as easy as life. It’s “green fashion”.


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