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Thursday, October 20, 2011


By Jody Tu

  Kristy Cha Ray Chu, the chairperson of Shih Chien University’s Institute of Fashion and Communications Design, came to Feng Chia University on September 28th. She made a speech, sponsored by the FCU Students Association, about “Self Confidence” in the auditorium of the RenYan Building.

  Kristy began by introducing herself. She is the second of three children. Therefore, she was always compared to her brother and sister when she was a child. Moreover, she had to compete with them.

  Although Kristy always took the blame for her bad grades in elementary and middle school, she was good at drawing. For Kristy’s future, her parents finally let her go to New York by herself when she was a senior high school student. She couldn’t get used to the American life style in the beginning, but she was admired for her drawing and won a national drawing contest. Also, she won a full-tuition scholarship to a small private college (The cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art) and went there to study art.

  When Kristy was a junior, she attended a short course. Her professor asked her to change her drawing style. After that, Kristy lost her inspiration in drawing, and her drawing style turned from colorful to dark. She was in a slump, and no one could help her. However, Kristy finally overcame her frustrations and became stronger in the end.

  Throughout the speech, Kristy was confidently taking herself as an example. She convinced the audience to have a strong will when confronting frustrations. Her main ideas were that no one is perfect, everyone is unique and has specialized skill; therefore, just be yourself.

  Life doesn't always go the way you want it to. Everyone faces frustrations in life. What I learned from Kristy’s lecture is the more frustrations you overcome, the more confident you will become.

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