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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

Ray Yen & Widom Yang

As students, we spend lot of time studying. However, because we have to release our pressure, we still have to find time to play. Going to a theme park is a good way to relax, so we want to recommend a theme park to you.  This theme park is especially cool because visitors can learn while they play.
The Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village is a unique theme park in Taiwan, and it was also the most visited theme park from 2007 to 2010. Just what makes it so popular? It is the only theme park in Taiwan that combines fun and excitement with Taiwan aboriginal culture. In addition, because of its location in Nantou County, the natural scenery in theme park is unique.
Nine different tribes of Taiwan aborigines are represented in the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. Each of them occupies a small area in the park. It is as if they have moved their tribes from the mountains into the park. In the park, they present all of their own culture, food, clothing, custom, housing, and language. If you want to experience their original food, the Tsou zone would be the best choice. Many special foods are available there included rice beer and “OYUMA,” rice that is put into bamboo and roasted. On the other hand, ceremonies and festivities are regularly held in both the Amis and Tao zones. When you walk into these zones and hear their singing, you will be fired with enthusiasm.
The scenery is also a key feature of the theme park. There are two types of scenery in the park; there are natural areas and there is the European Garden. When you visit the farming fields, which are part of the “natural” area, you can see different types of crops. Also, you can read the story which is carved in stones in the field. What’s more, there are a lot of artistic sculptures in Pine Park. You can take a walk and appreciate these wonderful works of art. If you are with someone special, there is a romantic place by the lake. If you visit this lake in spring, you will be surrounded by cherry blossoms. The European Garden is also worth visiting. This is the first European garden in any theme park in Taiwan. Taking a tour train is the best way to visit the whole garden because you won’t miss anything. There are Roman style sculptures, a fountain and all kind of flowers. Moreover, you will enjoy the sound of the bell in the Baroque style clock tower as its ring echo across the valley every hour.
With its aboriginal areas and its European Garden, the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Taiwan. When the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway is finally connected to the village, it will be even more fun! Next time we need to get away from school life for a while, we will be returning to Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village; we hope to see you there!

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