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Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Green Cafe

Victor Chen & Victor Peng

Are you feeling the pressure from piled up assignments and exams? Did you think that you are living a fast-paced life? If you do, you need to take a short break, and we have found a great place to relax. It is the Green Café, located on the 7th floor of the Business Building. The Green Café is open Monday to Friday during regular school business hours.

The Green Café has a simple decoration in brown. The first impression you get when you enter is bright and open because of the wide French windows. Through these windows, you can see the wonderful view of the old Taichung city airport. The Green Café provides beverages, light lunch dishes, and desserts. They also provide many types of magazines and newspapers if you would like to stay longer. The Green Café is a great place to have lunch alone or afternoon tea with your friends.

Last time I was at Green Café, I had the pizza, soup and a cup of coffee called Mocchaccino. The flavorful pizza at Green Café is not just a frozen pizza from the supermarket but hand-made by the café’s workers. You can put some extra cheese and hot pepper powder on the pizza if you like. The soup is full of ingredients and smells good. After the meal, I chose the Mocchaccino, a wonderful kind of coffee which is covered with cream. The service of my waitress was very kind and fast.

The Green Café is easy to enjoy. The location is not so far, the prices are moderate, and the meal I had was better than my expectation. Eating in the Green Café is comfortable because the ambience is very relaxing. Next time you are stressed out from school work, you really should try the Green Café. Maybe we will meet there!

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