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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Green Life, Green You

Mary Hsu & Jeffery Chen

As a student, you may think your responsibility is just to pass the test and get your grade. However, you are not only a student but are also an inhabitant of the earth. As one of earth’s most powerful inhabitants, you should be nice to your environment, and that environment is sick and needs your help.

The cause of this sickness is us, because our behavior hurts our environment a lot. For example, we waste too much natural resources producing electricity. In our modern lifestyle, the more electricity we use, the more we want. We have lots of electronic devices like cellular phones, computers and mp3 players. We use them every day, and this also means We hurt the earth every day. If we don’t do something to control our desire for electricity, the situation will just get worse.

Because we all realize the damage we are doing, there are many ways we can take action. One thing we can do is, when we leave a classroom, check that the lights, fans and computers are turned off. Also, when we go to a class, it’s better to walk up the stairs than to take the elevator. Our school encourages us to use these methods to use less electricity and help our environment. Air- conditioners consume most of the electricity we use every day, so we must turn it off when we don’t need it.

Although we know that using too much electricity is a problem and we are taking some action to decrease our electricity use, we are not doing enough. We have to do more.  We have to change not only our behavior but also our living environment. There are plenty of new ideas. Green buildings are most interesting. These buildings are special. Part of the electricity they use is created by solar energy. Their windows receive solar energy with particular materials and transform the energy into electricity. We have said that air- conditioners consume the greatest part of the electricity we use. In these new “green” buildings, we don’t need to install too many air conditioners because we can use some special materials that can regulate the temperature inside the building.

All of us, as human inhabitants of this earth, should protect our environment. The earth is our home and is as important as family. So, before we use those electronic devices we enjoy so much, we should stop and think about how they hurt the earth! 

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