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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jane & Tony - Restaurant Review

Lisa Huang
        Looking for a good restaurant for special occasions? Now you have a new choice! Jane & Tony, located on the 2nd floor of Wen Hwa Creative Market (in the same building as Mos Burger), just opened in mid-September.
Photos by the author
     Have you ever eaten in the jungle? Are you afraid the wild animals will steal your food before you eat it? Don’t worry about that when you visit Jane & Tony. The restaurant is decorated like a jungle, but it’s not like a real jungle. Instead, it’s more like the jungle in paradise. There are even cute animals watching you while you are eating. Besides, the color they used to decorate the restaurant is bright! And they use the color green a lot, which creates a relaxing environment for guests. There is another special thing about the restaurant; they have live band performances on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights, so if you like to have some nice music while eating, it is a great choice.
      What can you eat in the jungle? Grass? Wild animals? Not in this one. You have lots of choices here, not only foods but also drinks. You can order just a main dish or get a set meal. If you want to have a set meal, you can choose the main dish first, and then add some money to get a bowl of soup, a plate of salad or a slice of tiramisu. The drink is included in the meal; you have four choices, green tea, coke, coffee and sprite. There is still another choice if you have more friends with you. Jane & Tony have two kinds of combo meals, which are suitable for 2 to 4 people who want to share a meal.
        The meal I ordered was a set meal. Before the main dish, I had a bowl of creamy soup. Then the main dish-Vanilla Chicken came out; it was roasted and the meat was tender. They also gave me a plate of sauce and a slice of lemon for the chicken. I liked the chicken with some lemon juice; however, I didn’t like the chicken with the sauce because the flavor of the chicken was strong, and with the sauce it was too salty. Finally was my desert, tiramisu. It was served on a nice plate with a cute picture drawn in chocolate. It was a little bit too sweet for me, but if you love sweets, you will love their tiramisu.


     Eating in a nice restaurant can give you a chance to put down your pressure and anxiety temporarily. The people who work here are friendly. Although sometimes, when the restaurant is full of people, you need to spend a little time waiting for your meal, be patient, and enjoy the atmosphere. Waiting can also give you more time to chat with your friends.
        Jane & Tony is an ideal place for some special occasions like a gathering of friends or a school reunion. However, because it’s always full of young and energetic people, which makes the restaurant noisy, it might not be a suitable place for a romantic date. Why not make your own plan to visit soon? Go there with your friends and enjoy the food and the relaxing atmosphere. I’m sure you will have a great time.

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