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Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Let's go to school" - Restaurant Review

Christina Hung & Claire Yu
      Although there are many restaurants around Feng Chia University, what to eat and where to eat are still big problems for us. Every day near twelve o’clock, we begin to worry about what we are going to eat for lunch. If you are tired of eating the same thing at the same restaurants, then maybe you can try this different restaurant - “Let’s go to school(同學們上課囉)”. “Let’s go to school” is located in a small alley across from the side gate of Feng Chia University on Wen Hua Road, and it is open both day and night Monday to Sunday, so you can go there for a meal or snack anytime.

Photos by the authors

      “Let’s go to school” is a theme restaurant about school, so you will find that their decoration is all related to school. The waiters in this restaurant all wear school uniforms, and the tables and chairs at “Let’s go to school” are the same shape and size as those in elementary school. However, the boss has painted the tables and chairs in different shiny colors to make the restaurant more colorful and to give the restaurant a youthful spirit. On the wall, you will also see a blackboard where you can leave a message or just sign your name. You will also see magazines, novels, comic books, and toys on the shelves around the restaurant, so you will never get bored when you eat there.
      The menus at “Let’s go to school” are created to look like elementary school textbooks. Inside the front cover, you can see the rules of this restaurant. They are different from the rules of elementary school.  At “Let’s go to school,” they won’t say things like, “DO NOT PLAY in class” or, “NO TALKING is allowed during class” as in elementary school.  On the contrary, you can chat as much as you want, and you can have a lot of fun at “Let’s go to school.”  “Let’s go to school” sells meals, vegetarian meals, deserts, and drinks, and if you order a dish, they will offer you a free drink. The most interesting thing is that they have special names for each meal. For example, “Naughty Boy’s Rice(混蛋的燴飯),” which is rice served with preserved eggs, salted eggs, and scrambled eggs on top.

"Naughty Boy's Rice"

      At “Let’s go to school,” each meal is prepared separately, so the food is hot and fresh. Their dishes look colorful and taste good, and they are not too salty or too sweat. The waiters at “Let’s go to school” are very sincere, and you will feel like an honored guest in this restaurant.
      “Let’s go to school” also has some special offers. If you wear your school uniform there, you will get a special treat such as a free drink. Sometimes, they will give you a quiz on common sense, and if you get full marks, you will receive a special gift. Maybe you can take the challenge next time!
      Eating at a restaurant is not only about the food; the atmosphere is very important, too. “Let’s go to school” is a special restaurant which offers both delicious food and entertainment. It is a good place where you can entertain your friends if they come to visit you. It is also a good place for you to relax by yourself. “Let’s go to school” is really worth a try.

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