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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Taichung Jazz Festival

Lisa Huang & Marian Li

     Think you’re cool? If you don’t know Taichung Jazz Festival, you are definitely not cool. Taichung Jazz Festival is held in mid-October every year at Citizen’s Square located in front of CMP. Citizen’s Square, a big grassy area with trees, is a nice place for outdoor concert. You can take bus there, but it’s not easy and it takes a lot of time. Why not just find some friends who have transportation and join the festival together?

     If you want to know more about jazz music, you can join the activities related to jazz, such as Jazz Exhibition and Meet the Musicians. By joining these activities, you can learn the basics of jazz. Furthermore, if you join many activities, you will able to receive a ticket for the Jazz VIP party, where you can talk to the musicians. After these activities, you will want to stay and enjoy the music performed by jazz bands from all over the world such as Mingus Dynasty from America, Tonalrausch from Germany, and Scene of Jazz from Japan. The festival’s strong bill attracts thousands of people from all over Taiwan to the festival every year.

     After such a busy day, you will feel hungry. At the Taichung Jazz Festival, you will find lots of yummy food. You can enjoy both local and exotic foods. The local foods are usually provided by famous hotels in Taiwan, and fresh juice is provided by famous beverage shops. If you want to experience something exotic, you can choose a piece of pizza, a hotdog, a sandwich or a Mexican chicken roll. You can finish up with some ice cream and a bottle of beer. Not only does the Taichung Jazz Festival provided you the jazz music for entertainment, but also offers you local and exotic foods. Since the festival lasts one week, you don’t want to eat all the foods in one day. Try some and save the rest for another day.

     The Taichung Jazz Festival is awesome! If you missed this year’s Taichung Jazz Festival, put it on your calendar to remind yourself to check next year’s program on the Taichung government’s website at the end of September. Don’t miss it next year!

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