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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Apps !

Jeffery Chen & Mary Hsu
     “Application” is not just a form you fill out for a job anymore; now, it has become a smart phone tool known as “Apps.” Apps are the newest cell phone products, and you can download some free Apps from an online App store, or you can easily buy them with one click on your smart phone. There are different types of Apps including Social, Lifestyle and Games. You can use them anywhere, anytime. Apps make our lives more convenient.
     Apps like Facebook and Line are popular for social networking. With these Apps, we can share photos and videos, and our status - everything we would like to show our friends immediately. You can follow your friends’ newstweet and contact them easily. Therefore, you can chat or send messages free using these social Apps. Most importantly, you can use these Apps to find some friends you couldn’t contact before.

     Other tools, like photo editor make our life more interesting. This App is very popular among young people. If there are some pictures you don’t like, the photo editor application can edit them immediately. It can also update photos you would like to share to your blog or social website directly. There is another lifestyle App called, “Music.” It has lots of popular functions you can use like lyric search, music feedback communication and different types of playlists. Those Apps make your life more fantastic.

     Games Apps are the most popular types. They are appropriate for every age. Games Apps not only help you relax your mind and body but also fill empty time. You can also compete with friends through games Apps. If you don’t know which games are more fun, you can link to the Game center. It’s a place where players post comments about the games they have played.

     In the 21st century, we have lots of new technology. Apps are the most amazing tools in this new technology. They have become fashionable and a part of our lives. Apps make our lives more colorful and entertaining. They’re useful and fun. “Apps” have changed everything.  Again.

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