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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Healthy Body and Mind at FCU School Clubs

Victor Chen

Do you think you are a good student just because you know your textbooks well? Since elementary school, we have been taught that books are the main way to gain the knowledge. In reality, books are not enough; there are still lots of things we can learn in this world. The question is to know how. School clubs are the most convenient way to broaden your experience while you are here at FCU. I personally believe that there are two important things in life – physical health and emotional health. Here at FCU, there are two school clubs that will help you maintain both of these kinds of health. The Aikido club can give you have a strong, healthy body, and the mountaineering club can broaden your feeling by connecting you to nature.
          Aikido is a martial art, which always sounds cool to us.  However, it is a lot more. Learning Aikido might make your dream of being a Hollywood superstar come true. The important concept of Aikido is you have to be passive, not active. That is, you have to wait for your opponent rather than attacking. If you wait, your enemy will not be ready for you, which gives you an advantage. In contrast, if you are aggressive and active, so is your enemy. You won’t get any advantage. The philosophy of Aikido is to be as relaxed as you are in everyday life.  
The most obvious benefit of the mountaineering club is that you can see magnificent scenery that you can’t see in the city. Close your eyes and imagine you are standing on a mountaintop in summer. White clouds are drifting by and the glorious sunshine is in your eyes. A comfortable breeze is whispering over every inch of your skin. Even though it is just an image in your brain, you must feel wonderful. I think that is because human beings are basically animals. We feel comfortable with nature easily. When we are surrounding by mountains, we perceive how tiny we really are. Then we will start to be grateful. Very often we take everything to be granted. Being in the mountains helps us to see ourselves and the world more clearly.
Joining the Aikido club and the mountaineering club will broaden your experience and teach you how to think differently and bring more feeling to your life. And you won’t find that in a textbook.

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