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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Lovely Festival - Christmas

Jeffery Chen and Mary Hsu
Christmas is coming. How will you celebrate this year? There are several ways to celebrate this special festival. Of course, you will want to get together with friends and family that you haven’t seen for a long time. Also, you can pick special Christmas gifts for others or for yourself. Christmas is an opportunity to satisfy your desire for shopping. While you are out shopping, you will notice that there are lots of places, like department stores or malls where you can take pictures with the Christmas decorations.
Getting together with family and friends at the end of this year is meaningful. You can have a reunion at home with a Christmas meal like pizza, roast chicken and pie or cake with ice cream for dessert.  You can also reserve a table at your favorite restaurant for your celebration. If you would like your Christmas to be more exciting, you can consider joining your friends at a Christmas party or even hosting your own. This is a really good activity.
       Choosing Christmas gifts for friends and family is the best way to give them your blessings. The gifts you chose are meaningful to your friends or family. If you would like to give them unique gifts, you can make presents by yourself like Christmas cards, scarves, or home-made cookies. Giving presents fills this festival with happiness. Also, in the days to come, when your friends see the presents you gave them, they will recall warm memories of you. Finally, whether you go shopping or make gifts and cards by yourself, don’t pass up this opportunity to reward yourself, too. Give a gift to yourself – you deserve it!
Recently, the atmosphere of Christmas is everywhere. All the city sparkles with decorations and lights. When you are out shopping or on your way to meet up with old friends, don’t forget to take photos as you walk on the streets. These will be fantastic memories.

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