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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Smart Phones - Not Such a Smart Idea

Ray Yeh
Nowadays, everyone has a cell phone; lots of students even have two! It seems we can’t live without our cell phones anymore! Now there is a cell phone revolution – smart cell phones – and everyone wants one. However, I think there are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t buy one!
         Let’s talk about price. It is expensive to buy a smart cell phone. Then you have to pay the bill every month. If you also apply for surfing the Internet, then you will have to pay even more. Although it might be your parents who are paying, you really should be careful about how much money you spend. 
Second, there are a lot of features make the smart cell phone attractive. For example, with your smart phone, you can take photos, surf the Internet, watch films, and listen to music.  Also, smart phones have touch screens; you don’t have to press buttons anymore, just touch the screen. But do you really need all of these things?  There is heavy competition between APPLE and HTC, and they are both upgrading their cell phones as quickly as possible to get you to buy their product.  However, they are thinking only of your money, not really your need.  You have to think about whether these features are useful to you.
  What you want is to NOT equal to what you need. Compare your cell phone with a smart cell phone.  While it is plain that you can do more things with the smart cell phone, you don’t really need extra functions at all. Moreover, if you buy something you don’t want, you will use it. Once you use it, it will hurt you because using those special functions will cost you more and more money. Also, you will start to spend a lot of time playing with your new smart cell phone, and it will distract you from studying. Therefore, you will fail tests more easily.
        As a student, it is hard to afford a smart cell phone and to pay the monthly bill. It is important to buy only things that you really need. New smart cell phones have a lot of functions that you don’t need but that you will use just because they are there – and this will cost you time and money. If you buy something just because you want it and not because you need it, you will end up paying more than you think.

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