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Thursday, October 20, 2011

"The Blind Side" - Movie Review

By Ray Yen & Widom Wang
What's the blind side? In fact, it means the part of the American football field that the players cannot see. If they are tackled from the blind side, they suffer an intense impact.  The Blind Side is also a new movie.  The stars are Sandra Bullock (Anne Touhy), Tim McGraw (Sean Touhy), Quinton Aaron (Michael), and Kathy Bates (Michael's Tutor).This is an inspiring movie based on the true story of a football player, Michael Oher.

Michael Oher was born in a poor single-parent family, not knowing where, or even who, his father is. In addition, his mother was addicted to drugs, so she couldn’t even feed Michael. Soon, Michael was taken away by the state government and placed in a host family. However, because of his shyness, he became an “escaper” – he continually ran away. Finally and fortunately, he transferred to Wingate Christian School, where he came to the turning point in his entire life.

When he was a student at Wingate, he met Anne Tuohy, a white mother living a wealthy and comfortable life. Anne and her husband, Sean, had a lovely family of two kids, Sean Junior and Collins, who were both students at Wingate. One rainy horrible day, Anne encountered Michael, and she decided to help him. At the beginning, the Tuohys wondered if this was a wise decision. Gradually, each family member discovered Michael’s attractive character and warmly welcomed him. When Michael was studying in Wingate, both his homeroom teacher and Anne found that he had a marvelous talent in football. Then they decided to support him to enter university as a football player.  Finally, Michael was able to play as a professional in the NFL.

Dramas usually have beautiful and effective soundtracks. This movie is no exception. Jazz and Blues, which is an awesome combination of full hollow-body electric guitar, piano, violin and flute, controls the feelings and emotions of each part of the movie. One famous song used in this movie was, “Cello Song,” adapted by Jose Gonzalez. It leads the audience into the scene when Michael is brought from the black slum to the rich area, showing his fear and uncomfortable feeling toward the strange, unknown surroundings.

There are several messages in the movie. One of these messages is about helping others. Anne made up her mind to help Michael because she wanted to, not because she had another purpose. Some people told her there were a lot of ways to help others and not to do this.  Do you think we should avoid helping others in a certain way? Should we help others only if we have no other purpose? Does this mean that only rich people can help others? You will find the answer only by helping others.

The Blind Side is definitely worth watching.  First, the plot is easy to understand and suitable for everyone to watch.  Second, you can appreciate the outstanding music.  Third, there are some meaningful messages you will find in the movie.  The movie not only is enjoyable, but also makes you think!


By Jody Tu

  Kristy Cha Ray Chu, the chairperson of Shih Chien University’s Institute of Fashion and Communications Design, came to Feng Chia University on September 28th. She made a speech, sponsored by the FCU Students Association, about “Self Confidence” in the auditorium of the RenYan Building.

  Kristy began by introducing herself. She is the second of three children. Therefore, she was always compared to her brother and sister when she was a child. Moreover, she had to compete with them.

  Although Kristy always took the blame for her bad grades in elementary and middle school, she was good at drawing. For Kristy’s future, her parents finally let her go to New York by herself when she was a senior high school student. She couldn’t get used to the American life style in the beginning, but she was admired for her drawing and won a national drawing contest. Also, she won a full-tuition scholarship to a small private college (The cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art) and went there to study art.

  When Kristy was a junior, she attended a short course. Her professor asked her to change her drawing style. After that, Kristy lost her inspiration in drawing, and her drawing style turned from colorful to dark. She was in a slump, and no one could help her. However, Kristy finally overcame her frustrations and became stronger in the end.

  Throughout the speech, Kristy was confidently taking herself as an example. She convinced the audience to have a strong will when confronting frustrations. Her main ideas were that no one is perfect, everyone is unique and has specialized skill; therefore, just be yourself.

  Life doesn't always go the way you want it to. Everyone faces frustrations in life. What I learned from Kristy’s lecture is the more frustrations you overcome, the more confident you will become.

It Really Is "Pay Easy"!

By Mary Hsu & Jeffery Chen
        Everybody knows what vending machines are, but you may not have experienced the newest type.  It’s called “Life+Smart Self-service Store,” and it’s located in two wooden gazeboes beside the Aeronautical Engineering and College of Engineering Buildings.

        These “stores” have several innovative features.  A new way to pay is its major characteristic.  You just use your student ID card (which has enough money stored inside) to purchase your goods.  Moreover, this new type of vending machine will give an invoice after your purchase.  It is a unique function you have never seen.  However, you can experience it now in Feng Chia University.  All products in these machines are creative, edgy, and stylish.

        PayEasy, IMEI, HealthLife and Light+Bio were invited by our school to participate in this smart store.  The quality of products from these brands is incredible.  Cosmetics, snacks, souvenirs, and even potted plants are available now in these machines.  Choose the goods you want and pay with your school ID card; the automatic service can let you shop easily and conveniently.

        Many souvenirs are available in these new vending machines.  In “Life+Smart Self-service Store,” you can buy souvenirs of the Taipei Flower Exposition; the flower show memorial cards are the best sellers among souvenirs.

        Using the new “Life+Smart Self-service Store” is a wonderful shopping experience.  Next time you pass by one of these gazeboes, you can try one of these machines.  Happy shopping!

FCU Tug of War - Already Lost?

By Victor Peng & Victor Chen
Every student in FCU knows the tug of war is an FCU traditional sport, but most of us don’t really know why. The tug of war has been a special tradition in FCU since 1970. If you don’t know how crazy and how popular the tug of war is at FCU; let me tell you, some people have even gambled on it! Now, tug of war has become the most popular annual activity in FCU. However, there is a bad condition slowly threatening it. Participation of the tug of war is decreasing.  We must stop this decline or our worries will come true and we will lose the tug of war.

The first reason why participation in tug of war keeps decreasing is hard to avoid – technology keeps making online games popular, so freshmen only like to sit in front of their computer screen. Second, social needs have been replaced by Facebook and the Internet; students don’t need to be in a club to make friends. Finally, most new students have a misunderstanding about the tug of war. The tug of war isn’t a sport only for “heroes.” However, it requires tough training, and it can be boring in the beginning. Also, tug-of-war contests are rare (only in October). Because freshmen are busy playing online games and they don’t need to be in a group to make friends, and because they think it’s too hard, interest in tug-of-war is decreasing.

We want everyone to notice and to maintain FCU’s tradition and encourage freshman to not just play computer game, but to do more exercise for their health. Playing the tug of war can train your body and your mind to be a real man, and you will make friendships and even have fun. Finally, we would like to invite you to join the upcoming campus tug of war tournament!

The FCU Tug of War

By Anna Chung and Amber Chen
The tug of war is an important sport event which is held every year at FCU. All of the different department’s teams are practicing for the tug of war contest in the middle of October. Every day at about 5 or 6 PM, you can hear the roaring sound from those athletes as you are walking through the campus or the playground. Have you ever wondered why they practice so hard?

Tug of war is an energetic and meaningful folk sport. This exercise originated in the ancient military in the Warring States (403-221 B.C.). In a tug of war, there are two teams standing on opposite sides in the sports ground. When the judge gives the signal to begin, it means the start of the contest. The winner will be the team who pulls the rope two meters past the starting point within one minute. Every member of the tug of war team is very important because union is strength.

How did the tug of war contest become a traditional sport’s event in FCU?  The main reason was because the President of FCU wanted to hold a tug of war contest on Feng Chia University’s anniversary about forty years ago. Since then, this sport event has become an exciting and hot-blooded contest for all Feng Chia students. When the day of the contest is coming, all of the students in each department will go to the sports ground to cheer for their department’s team. All of the teams will compete in the tug of war tournament for two weeks until there are only two teams left. The final round contest will be held on Nov 12, which is also the same day as Feng Chia University’s 50th anniversary.

The tug of war is not only a sport, but also an opportunity for students to learn how to cooperate with each other. No matter what the final result is, the spirit of the tug of war will be passed down forever. Now you should link to Feng Chia University’s website and write down the tug of war contest’s date on your schedule or in your notebook. Then throw out your pen and go out and support your team!

FCU Anniversary Celebration tug-of-war Web page:

"Green" Fashion

By Claire Yu & Christina Hong
     As you know, “green” is the most popular issue nowadays. Government agencies and schools are all advocating “going green,” FCU included. However, young people always like to be on the cutting edge of fashion. If you want to become a “green fashion icon, why not just start from your daily life?

       Perhaps you will think it’s ridiculous to combine fashion with environmental protection, but it is possible! Young people like us realize that we have to respect and protect our environment. However, we can’t stand to be environmental friendly but look ugly. Therefore, we would like to show you three ways that you fashion can combine with environmental protection.

       Environmentally friendly cup. When you eat out, you should take your own environmental friendly cup instead of a disposable cup or bottle. Compared with disposable cups or bottles, environmental friendly cups are better for our environment. Although disposable cups or bottles can be recycled, they still cause serious garbage problems. Environmental friendly cups can be reused, so they won’t create that much garbage. What’s more, there are some shops that can help you design your own cup, so you will have the most unique and the most fashionable cup in the world.

       Environmental friendly tableware. When eating out, you should also take your own environmental friendly tableware. Disposable tableware poses a serious threat to nature because factories need to cut down trees to make bamboo chopsticks. If you use environmental friendly tableware, you can save trees and forests. Also, even if you are tired of eating out and want to stay home, you can use your ideal, lovely, and fashionable tableware, so that every time you have your meal, you can always be in a good mood.

        Reusable shopping bag. When you go shopping, you should take your own bag instead of using plastic bags. Plastic bags will cause environmental pollution. If you burn plastic bags, it will create poisonous gas, and it will then pollute the air. If you bury plastic bags in the ground, it will then pollute the soil because plastic is not easy to be dissolved. You need to arouse your environmental friendly conscience bring your own bag instead of using plastic bags. In addition, there are also lots of fashionable bags on the market, so you can choose your ideal bag. You can enjoy your shopping and save the planet at the same time!

        All of these products are easily available. You don’t need to spend much money. You don’t need to be that impractical like in a fashion show. It’s as easy as life. It’s “green fashion”.


Dress Up for an Interview!

        By Lisa Huang & Marian Li
        The first impression is very important when you are going to an interview. You can make the first step to success by dressing appropriately. There are three things you have to pay attention to when you are dressing up for an interview—your clothing, your hair and your make up.
        The most important is your clothing because it is the first thing the interviewer sees when you step into the room. The clothes you wear can show what kind of person you are and how much you value this interview. How can you show how much you value the interview? Depending on the type of the job, you need to figure out what kind of clothes you should wear. For instance, if you are interviewing for finance job, you should wear a suit or other formal clothing. If you are interviewing for a job which requires more creativity, your style of clothing should show how unique you are.
        Another important thing to think about is your hairstyle. Your hair should be tidy. If your hair is not neat, you may look like you have no energy. Furthermore, your bangs must not fall down in front of your eyes. If your bangs are too long, you can comb them to one side.
        Last but not least, your make up must be clean. Light and natural make up is vital. Your eye shadow should not be too thick and dark, or you may look like a panda. On the other hand, you can not choose a bright color of eye shadow, or you may not look professional. As for lip stick, you’d better choose the color which matches well with your skin color.
        In conclusion, being professional not only means having knowledge, but having the sense about how to dress for an interview or for work. Dressing might not be the only thing you need to pay attention to for an interview, but it can make a good or bad impression, and that is the most important thing!