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Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Green Cafe

Victor Chen & Victor Peng

Are you feeling the pressure from piled up assignments and exams? Did you think that you are living a fast-paced life? If you do, you need to take a short break, and we have found a great place to relax. It is the Green Café, located on the 7th floor of the Business Building. The Green Café is open Monday to Friday during regular school business hours.

The Green Café has a simple decoration in brown. The first impression you get when you enter is bright and open because of the wide French windows. Through these windows, you can see the wonderful view of the old Taichung city airport. The Green Café provides beverages, light lunch dishes, and desserts. They also provide many types of magazines and newspapers if you would like to stay longer. The Green Café is a great place to have lunch alone or afternoon tea with your friends.

Last time I was at Green Café, I had the pizza, soup and a cup of coffee called Mocchaccino. The flavorful pizza at Green Café is not just a frozen pizza from the supermarket but hand-made by the café’s workers. You can put some extra cheese and hot pepper powder on the pizza if you like. The soup is full of ingredients and smells good. After the meal, I chose the Mocchaccino, a wonderful kind of coffee which is covered with cream. The service of my waitress was very kind and fast.

The Green Café is easy to enjoy. The location is not so far, the prices are moderate, and the meal I had was better than my expectation. Eating in the Green Café is comfortable because the ambience is very relaxing. Next time you are stressed out from school work, you really should try the Green Café. Maybe we will meet there!

Green Life, Green You

Mary Hsu & Jeffery Chen

As a student, you may think your responsibility is just to pass the test and get your grade. However, you are not only a student but are also an inhabitant of the earth. As one of earth’s most powerful inhabitants, you should be nice to your environment, and that environment is sick and needs your help.

The cause of this sickness is us, because our behavior hurts our environment a lot. For example, we waste too much natural resources producing electricity. In our modern lifestyle, the more electricity we use, the more we want. We have lots of electronic devices like cellular phones, computers and mp3 players. We use them every day, and this also means We hurt the earth every day. If we don’t do something to control our desire for electricity, the situation will just get worse.

Because we all realize the damage we are doing, there are many ways we can take action. One thing we can do is, when we leave a classroom, check that the lights, fans and computers are turned off. Also, when we go to a class, it’s better to walk up the stairs than to take the elevator. Our school encourages us to use these methods to use less electricity and help our environment. Air- conditioners consume most of the electricity we use every day, so we must turn it off when we don’t need it.

Although we know that using too much electricity is a problem and we are taking some action to decrease our electricity use, we are not doing enough. We have to do more.  We have to change not only our behavior but also our living environment. There are plenty of new ideas. Green buildings are most interesting. These buildings are special. Part of the electricity they use is created by solar energy. Their windows receive solar energy with particular materials and transform the energy into electricity. We have said that air- conditioners consume the greatest part of the electricity we use. In these new “green” buildings, we don’t need to install too many air conditioners because we can use some special materials that can regulate the temperature inside the building.

All of us, as human inhabitants of this earth, should protect our environment. The earth is our home and is as important as family. So, before we use those electronic devices we enjoy so much, we should stop and think about how they hurt the earth! 

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

Ray Yen & Widom Yang

As students, we spend lot of time studying. However, because we have to release our pressure, we still have to find time to play. Going to a theme park is a good way to relax, so we want to recommend a theme park to you.  This theme park is especially cool because visitors can learn while they play.
The Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village is a unique theme park in Taiwan, and it was also the most visited theme park from 2007 to 2010. Just what makes it so popular? It is the only theme park in Taiwan that combines fun and excitement with Taiwan aboriginal culture. In addition, because of its location in Nantou County, the natural scenery in theme park is unique.
Nine different tribes of Taiwan aborigines are represented in the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. Each of them occupies a small area in the park. It is as if they have moved their tribes from the mountains into the park. In the park, they present all of their own culture, food, clothing, custom, housing, and language. If you want to experience their original food, the Tsou zone would be the best choice. Many special foods are available there included rice beer and “OYUMA,” rice that is put into bamboo and roasted. On the other hand, ceremonies and festivities are regularly held in both the Amis and Tao zones. When you walk into these zones and hear their singing, you will be fired with enthusiasm.
The scenery is also a key feature of the theme park. There are two types of scenery in the park; there are natural areas and there is the European Garden. When you visit the farming fields, which are part of the “natural” area, you can see different types of crops. Also, you can read the story which is carved in stones in the field. What’s more, there are a lot of artistic sculptures in Pine Park. You can take a walk and appreciate these wonderful works of art. If you are with someone special, there is a romantic place by the lake. If you visit this lake in spring, you will be surrounded by cherry blossoms. The European Garden is also worth visiting. This is the first European garden in any theme park in Taiwan. Taking a tour train is the best way to visit the whole garden because you won’t miss anything. There are Roman style sculptures, a fountain and all kind of flowers. Moreover, you will enjoy the sound of the bell in the Baroque style clock tower as its ring echo across the valley every hour.
With its aboriginal areas and its European Garden, the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Taiwan. When the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway is finally connected to the village, it will be even more fun! Next time we need to get away from school life for a while, we will be returning to Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village; we hope to see you there!

Fashion at NET

Claire Yu & Christina Hung

Girls, what’s the most important thing in your life? Eating? Dating? Shopping? If you are the same as me, obviously, it’s shopping! Shopping is a girl’s life and her nature, so no one can take it away from her. However, because there are other things in life, and girls don’t want to spend ALL their money on expensive clothes, their best choice is NET.

NET is a brand of clothes, and they sell good quality clothes at a medium price. NET stores are open both day and night Monday to Sunday, so you can go shopping at NET anytime. NET is also close to FCU, so it’s convenient for FCU students.

When you go into NET, you will find that their store has lots of space, so you won’t feel too crowded or feel oppressive when you are shopping. There are three sections in NET- women’s section, men’s section, and children’s section, so shopping at NET is really convenient. NET sells many styles of clothes, both casual and formal. This is also makes it a convenient place for students to shop. If you want to buy clothes for school, then you can choose the casual styles; if you are going to have an interview, then you can choose the formal styles. At NET, you will have a lot of choices, and you will find everything you need.

The sales clerks in NET are friendly, and they won’t pester you all the time like annoying shadows, so you will feel free when you shop at NET. NET sells many sizes of clothes, and you can also try on clothes at NET, so you won’t get clothes that are unsuitable. If the clothes you like still don’t fit you, then the clerks at NET can alter the clothes for you, so you will be able to find the perfect clothes! Thus, when buying clothes at NET, you don’t have to worry about pants that are too long or skirts that are too loose. You will find clothes that fit exactly. What’s more, there’s also a sofa in NET, so your friends can sit on the sofa and take a rest while you are trying on clothes in the dressing room.

NET clothes have good quality. For example, if you touch one of their sweaters, you will feel the cloth is soft and smooth like a kitten’s fur. When you check their skirts, you will find the stitches on the skirts have been made very fine, and the cut of their skirts can show off your good figure. The material of NET clothes is also good. The color won’t fade when you wash NET clothes.

Fashion is always changing, and pursuing the latest fashion trend is every girl’s dream. However, it’s important that being fashionable doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money especially for students like us. At NET, you don’t need to spend a lot of money, but you can still walk in the latest fashion circles.

Taichung Jazz Festival

Lisa Huang & Marian Li

     Think you’re cool? If you don’t know Taichung Jazz Festival, you are definitely not cool. Taichung Jazz Festival is held in mid-October every year at Citizen’s Square located in front of CMP. Citizen’s Square, a big grassy area with trees, is a nice place for outdoor concert. You can take bus there, but it’s not easy and it takes a lot of time. Why not just find some friends who have transportation and join the festival together?

     If you want to know more about jazz music, you can join the activities related to jazz, such as Jazz Exhibition and Meet the Musicians. By joining these activities, you can learn the basics of jazz. Furthermore, if you join many activities, you will able to receive a ticket for the Jazz VIP party, where you can talk to the musicians. After these activities, you will want to stay and enjoy the music performed by jazz bands from all over the world such as Mingus Dynasty from America, Tonalrausch from Germany, and Scene of Jazz from Japan. The festival’s strong bill attracts thousands of people from all over Taiwan to the festival every year.

     After such a busy day, you will feel hungry. At the Taichung Jazz Festival, you will find lots of yummy food. You can enjoy both local and exotic foods. The local foods are usually provided by famous hotels in Taiwan, and fresh juice is provided by famous beverage shops. If you want to experience something exotic, you can choose a piece of pizza, a hotdog, a sandwich or a Mexican chicken roll. You can finish up with some ice cream and a bottle of beer. Not only does the Taichung Jazz Festival provided you the jazz music for entertainment, but also offers you local and exotic foods. Since the festival lasts one week, you don’t want to eat all the foods in one day. Try some and save the rest for another day.

     The Taichung Jazz Festival is awesome! If you missed this year’s Taichung Jazz Festival, put it on your calendar to remind yourself to check next year’s program on the Taichung government’s website at the end of September. Don’t miss it next year!


Jody Tu & Anna Chung
To celebrate the Republic of China’s 100th anniversary, the government of Taichung City hosted a rock musical on October 10th at Taichung Fulfillment Amphitheatre. This rock musical was called Dreamers because the government of Taichung City wanted to promote innovative thinking. There were many famous singers in this rock musical including Judy Chou and Peggy Lin.
The story of the dreamers began when a group of the young people formed a dancing team called "Dreamers" and had the opportunity to pursue their dream to perform on the National Day. During the rehearsal phase, they encountered a lot of obstacles. For instance, in the beginning, they didn’t have enough money to pay for the team’s expenses, and team members had different solutions to this financial problem. Therefore, they argued about this matter many times. Moreover their parents’ were against them spending so much time on their dancing.
Coincidentally, the team leader, Fei, heard from his grandpa that his great grandparents were martyrs during the Huanghuagang uprising of 1911. Therefore, Fei's grandpa hoped Fei would follow his heart and pursue his own dreams. Fei's grandpa encouraged Fei by telling him that everyone has the ability to change the world just like his great grandparents. This gave Fei more courage to dance. In order to make their dreams come true, team members practiced hard and solved all their problems together. Eventually, they united to defeat their competitors in the dancing contest and got the chance to perform on the National Day at Taichung Fulfillment Amphitheatre.
Throughout the performance, the music matched the scenes and played an important role in the show. Because of the music, the audience could be involved easily when enjoying this show. Particularly, every lyric was especially written for each scene.
At the end of the show, everyone applauded the performers and the wonderful rock musical. After seeing this amazing show, I thought this rock musical was the best show that I had ever seen. Actually, the Taichung City Government sponsors many kinds of activities every year including the Taichung Jazz Festival and the Taichung Rock Festival. Because these activities are always really great, I strongly recommend you plan to go to one in the near future.