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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Boracay – Island Paradise

Anfisa Kuznetsova
For a long time, I dreamt of walking along a beautiful white beach, having a relaxing full body massage, eating lots of delicious food, and going to lots of crazy beach parties. Last month, my dream finally came true, my thoughts became real, and my experiences became unforgettable. During winter vacation, I went to Boracay, an island located in the heart of the Philippines.

All photos by the author
Boracay’s beautiful White Beach took my breath away. White Beach was where I got my bronze suntan, exercised, drank fruit shakes, and chilled with friends – the perfect way to spend my days. The amazingly blue water made swimming a pure pleasure. Another special experience was jet skiing. This was my first time jet skiing; it was a truly fun activity!

When I was at White Beach, I saw many places where they offered massages and many interesting restaurants. There were many different kinds of massage I could get including Thai, tribal, Filipino, and “combination.” I chose a full body combination massage. My massage lasted an hour and cost me 300 pesos (NT$260); that’s very cheap compared to prices in Taiwan. I got my massage at sunset. I felt like I was in paradise watching the sky turn colors as the sun went down. It was an unforgettable experience. At sunset, the seafood buffets opened on the beach. I liked those buffets because the location was convenient and the food delicious. I tried everything: crab, oysters, shrimp, fish, meat, vegetables, and (of course) desert.
After ten o’clock, when the restaurants had closed, the beach clubs opened. The clubs were only ten meters away from the beach. They all had a dance floor, a bar, and tables inside and more tables outside in the open air. I had a lot of fun dancing and hanging out with friends in these clubs, and I met tourists from many countries there. Because of very relaxed atmosphere, I made lots of new friends.

My trip to Boracay was an amazing time – tanning, relaxing, and having fun with friends. After spending a wonderful two weeks there, I did not want to leave. I had an unforgettable vacation.

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