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Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Day in Donshi Park

Anfisa Kuznetsova

A day spent with friends in the park can draw people closer to each other. My schoolmates and I wanted to get to know each other better, so last weekend we decided to spend a day together in Donshi Park near Taichung City. We planned a number of activities.
All photos by the author
We wanted to have fun and play some games together. First, we divided into two teams of five people each. Then, we competed in six different activities: climbing, swinging, running, sliding, jumping, and hiking. Climbing, running, and jumping were not only fun, but also great exercise. Because it was a close contest, we pushed our teammates to try harder on the swinging and sliding.

After our morning activities, we went to lunch together. We had delicious food made from local products. One of our favorite dishes was steamed mountain vegetables. Another one was chicken raised in the mountains. Both dishes were very juicy and delicious. We ate and shared funny stories about our lives. After lunch we planned our hiking routes and agreed where to take pictures as proof that both teams had finished their route.
Finally it was time to go hiking. We walked into the forest. It was an amazing experience to walk in the forest. There were many maple trees and tropical plants all around. We took pictures along our route in order to show the second team where we had passed. When we had come to the end of our routes we stopped at the Hot Spring to take a rest. We all put our feet onto the hot water; it was not only relaxing after our long walk, but it was also good for our skin.

Everyone had a great day in Donshi Park. I got to know my schoolmates better while playing, eating, and hiking together. If you want to know your schoolmates better too, spend a day together with them outside the city!

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