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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Enjoy Your Braces!

Clair Lin & Lynn Hsieh
Many people find that there comes a point in their lives when they would like to change their smile in some way. People like friends or colleagues who have kind and friendly faces. Nowadays, more and more people are looking to orthodontists – dentists who help us straighten our teeth – to improve their appearance. Having a mouth full of neat, bright teeth has become everyone’s dream! We both have braces ourselves, and would like to share our thoughts on the topic.

If your orthodontist can make your teeth straight, they will be easy to clean, and if your teeth are clean, you can avoid getting gum disease. The orthodontist can also help you straighten out your jaw. They can move your jaw in or out so that your top and bottom teeth match better and you can chew your food more easily. This will keep your teeth healthy until you’re old.

Before getting her braces, Clair had an asymmetric face and rabbit teeth. The right side of her face looked bigger than another side. That made her feel awkward when we took a picture. After her teeth were adjusted by braces, her face became beautiful and balanced.  Now, she doesn’t feel embarrassed anymore, and can naturally face the camera lens. Your smile is the flower of your face. A confident smile is the key to making friends. That’s the reason why you get braces, and, in the end, you will be satisfied with your smile.
Beauty has its price, though. You must spend at least sixty thousand dollars for your braces and you’ll have to wait about two years to take them off.  With braces on, it may be hard to eat when you chew firm food. You may also get a headache when you eat something icy.  Also, headaches will make it difficult to sleep.

Even though it may be painful in the beginning, you shouldn’t be afraid of getting braces.  Braces hurt at first, but after you take them off, but it will have been worth it. You will be more confident and have a charming smile on your face all the time. Just keep reminding yourself that the pain passes, but the beauty remains.

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