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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Good Job!

Jody Tu & Angie Chang

Finding a good job is something every student thinks a lot about. According to a recent report, it takes new college graduates an average of four months to find a suitable job after leaving school. In order to reduce the time it takes to find a suitable job, Feng Chia University holds a job fair every Spring Semester. Each year, the job fair attracts people who need jobs and companies which need employees.

All graphics courtesy FCU Public Relations Office

More companies than ever participated in the job fair this year. They came to FCU not only to introduce different kinds of occupations, but also to find more talented students at Feng Chia University. The job fair connects companies and students. Students can learn about job requirements, enabling them to prepare for work and making the job search easier. This attracts many students to the job fair.

Because the job fair involves interaction with companies, the school can find out what kind of employees local companies need. This also gives the school a clear direction and helps the school design useful courses. Besides, the job fair strengthens the relationship between the school and the companies.

The annual FCU job fair provides an opportunity for students to find out about jobs they might want and learn how to prepare for employment. This helps them plan for their future. Therefore, we recommend that students participate in the job fair beginning from their first year in university; this will help them set learning goals that will prepare them for their careers.  

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