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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Let’s Join the Congenial Volunteer Team!

Chelsea Ho & Connie Hong
If you want to get your ideal job, the impression you make on the manager is very important. If you want to improve your poise and behavior in order to get a job more easily, join the FCU Congenial Volunteer Team. The Congenial Volunteer Team holds many training sessions and fun activities for its members each semester.
All photos by the authors
To help new members make friends more easily and adapt to the team faster, the Congenial Volunteer Team holds a welcome party early each semester. There are many interesting games at the welcome party, and everyone has a great time. Moreover, if you think there is only this one activity, you are wrong! Team activities include a singing competition, a Christmas party, a graduation ceremony and computer software lessons.

Professional teachers come to the Congenial Volunteer team meetings and give team members lessons in poise, make-up, everyday etiquette and dinner table etiquette. When you have finished these lessons, you will be more valuable to your future employer. Even before you graduate, you can use the skills you learn as a member of the team when you volunteer to serve at school and in society. At school, congenial Volunteer Team members assist at awards ceremonies and ribbon-cutting ceremonies.  Team members also give campus tours and work at the United Services Center reception desk. Finally, at the end of the school year, the Congenial Volunteer Team gives its final performance.  This is an opportunity for team members to show what they have learned during the year. Final performances include many amazing shows like cheerleading squad performance, fashion show, dancing, and drama.

When you join the FCU Congenial Volunteer Team, you will learn many things that will help you succeed in life. If you are interest in joining in FCU Congenial Volunteer Team, go to the booth in front of the United Services Center before March 7, or go to the club blog: 

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