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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mr. Chicken Head – Restaurant Review

Rachel Hsu & Sunny Wu
There are many different kinds of food near Feng Chia.  There is not only fine cuisine but also cheap restaurants near the Feng Chia night market. Price is the first consideration for students, but delicacy is also important. We like Mr. Chicken Head because it is cheap and delicious.

Mr. Chicken Head is located at 167 Xian street; you can walk there in about five minutes from school. Or, if you are lazy, you can ride your motorcycle there. They have a parking lot, so you don’t have to worry about parking. Mr. Chicken Head is a very popular restaurant, so, when you go into the restaurant, you will often see many people sitting in the waiting area. While you wait, you can browse the menu. The light is bright, and the environment is comfortable. There are also many paintings of chicks and bears on the walls. In this warm and happy atmosphere, you’ll feel just like you are at home.
All photos by the authors
What can you eat at Mr. Chicken Head? Main meals include au gratin, spaghetti, French fries and fried chicken. With your meal, you also get bread, soup and beverage. The meals cost between NT$150 and NT$200 – I’m sure you’ll agree that’s really cheap!

When we visited Mr. Chicken Head, we ordered two meals, tomato chicken spaghetti and butter spaghetti au gratin. The tomato chicken spaghetti was full of onions, corn, and carrots. The chicken was chunky and juicy. The whole meal was delicious.  The spaghetti au gratin was also very good. It was covered with thick cheese and the tender pork was tasty. We were very satisfied! By the way, for customers who eat like a horse, Mr. Chicken Head offers something special – you can get a much bigger portion without paying extra!

The environment at Mr. Chicken Head is comfortable, and it is a suitable place for a date or reunion. The staff is also friendly. Mr. Chicken Head is always full of customers, so you might have to wait a long time for your meal. However, be patient; the wonderful food is worth waiting for.

Mr. Chicken Head
Phone number: (04)270-1981
Hours: 11:30-14:30; 17:00-22:00
Address: 167 Xian Street Seatwen District, Taichung              

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