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Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Internship at Reverie Co.

 Ray Yeh

This past winter vacation, I had the opportunity to serve as an intern in a local company. This was my first time to work at a company related to my major. I had a special experience and learned a lot during my winter break.

Reverie Innovations, the company where I worked, is located in Taichung Industrial Area. It is a small scale company; only 15 people work there. Electronic beds are their main product, including motors, remote controls, controllers, and bed frames. Electronic beds have many functions, and each function has to be tested to be sure the bed is safe. Therefore, it is important to make sure everything is normal. My job was to test Reverie’s electronic beds.

I had to use test equipment to test each bed function and measure the data. In the beginning, I was given sample beds to test. It was an easy job. Then, I needed to compare what happened under different conditions. Therefore, I had to replace some stuff such as a resistor or an IC unit. I spent a lot of time practicing my soldering skills. After finished these experiments, I wrote a report on the results. I tried again and again to put the report into a formal format. I had to make the readers understand what I wanted to focus on and to understand the differences between the samples. This was the last step, but it was a main point of testing. If the report was not understandable, then my efforts would all have been in vain.

All photos by the author
There were many important points about my testing job. First, I had to know how to measure the bed functions. Second, I had to keep consistent. If the beds were tested under different conditions, then the results would be meaningless. Third, I had to know what data were necessary and to understand the meaning of these data, or I would be just a recording machine. It was important to compare the results, but not all the data at the same time. However, I was just a beginner, so it was impossible for me to do the tests without help. The engineer, Steven, taught me how to do the testing. During the testing, I sometimes had a problem and had to stop testing. Steven would point out my mistakes, and I improved my skill with his advice. He was my teacher, and I learned many things from him. When I didn’t know what to do, or I wasn’t sure that what I was doing was correct, I asked for advice. I could solve my problems and learn something new as well.

I was just an intern in this company. My job was to test the sample beds. It seemed that the position was not very important. However, every position is important to this company. Testing was the last step before the products were sold, but it was not the least important. You can always learn something from your position, even if you are just an intern. I learned a lot about this job and gained new skills. I really recommended that you find an opportunity to be an intern, too. It really is a great way to gain experience in your future profession.

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