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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Volunteering in the FCU Dormitory

Vera Hsu
I was a volunteer student worker in the dormitory when I was a sophomore and a junior. The reason why I joined the group was that I thought I could learn something different from what I learned in class. Also, I thought it would be a good way to use my leisure time to help others and make friends – I thought it would be fun. Of course, I was right!  As a dorm volunteer, I did lots of interesting and special things.

During the summer vacation, we dormitory volunteers started training about safety, communication and cooperation. First, we had CPR class, and we had to pass a test to get our certificate. We also learned how to use the dorm fire equipment such as fire extinguisher and fire hydrant and how to teach freshmen what to do during fire or earthquake. Then we separated into four groups to complete in many small teamwork games and to plan activities. Also, when the freshmen started arriving, we introduced the dormitory environment and learning resources to them and their parents.

At the beginning of the new semester, we put into practice what we had learned during summer vacation. Each of our four groups continued planning their activities. We spent a lot of time talking about, preparing for and then holding our activities. After our activities had ended, we met to discuss where we could improve.

Besides these special activities, we had to do some regular jobs. For example, every night we took roll call. We also dealt with our students’ problems such as computer problems and interpersonal problems. Every week, we took turns acting as counselors. Each month, we had a meeting to discuss new rules and procedures or how to improve what we did during last month.  

I learned a lot from being a dormitory volunteer, and I made many friends. It was tiring because we did lots of things, but it was worth it because we helped many freshmen adapt to dormitory life.

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