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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Westlife - Music Review

Sunny Wu

Recently, my friends introduced a beautiful song to me.  It was sung by Westlife. As soon as I had heard the song, I liked it very much. Since then, I have always followed news about Westlife. When their albums were released, they were always at the top of the popular music list. Unfortunately, however, Westlife broke up this year.

Westlife came from Ireland, and there were five boys in the group. Before they formed Westlife, they were all in different singing groups. Westlife’s songs are almost all about love and inspiration, and their style is slow R&B. They released the first song, “Swear It Again,” in 1993, and it was a hit on the UK and Ireland musical charts for two weeks. After one year, their second album was released, and the album was the biggest selling in UK. In 2003, Brian left the group because he wanted to spend more time making his own music and spending time with his family.

After Brian left, they almost broke up. However, they overcame their problems.  In 2005, they released a new album. They went on a concert tour in Asia and Australia. They announced that it would be their last world concert tour because they were going to break up. They felt tired after 14 years, so they believed this concert would be a good ending to their career. Finally, they released their last album so that their fans would have something to remember them by.

Their biggest selling songs were “You Raised Me Up” and “If I Let You Go.” I like their harmonies. If you are bored listening to rap and dance songs, you may listen to some songs by Westlife. Their songs will help you relax after a long day studying.  (Music video (c) Sony Music via YouTube)

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