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Thursday, March 8, 2012

You Don’t Know Kaohsiung!

Victor Chen & Jack Lin
Honestly, as college students, we are always searching for fun places to go on the weekend. Because FCU is located at central Taiwan, and we can go to most spots in central Taiwan anytime, we don’t like to use our weekends to go to those places. When we want to do something special on the weekend, we most often choose someplace in north Taiwan like Taipei or in east Taiwan like Hualian. Taipei is a busy and exciting city, but it always rains. Nobody wants to go play in the rain. If we want to go to the east of the island, we have to spend a lot of time driving, and driving is no fun. Here is a recommendation for a place that you probably would not choose for your weekend - Kaohsiung city. You might wonder why we choose Kaohsiung. Most people think Kaohsiung is just a big industrial city, but they are wrong. It’s a nice place and fun. There are many things to do in Kaohsiung, even if you only have two days to spend there.

Start your trip to Kaohsiung at the Taichung train station.  You will want to get there early, about 8:00 AM.  When you get into Kaohsiung station, take the feeder bus to E-Da World and check into their beautiful hotel. Then you can go shopping at E-Da World until the afternoon if you don’t like too much sun. Otherwise, you can spend the day at the amusement park or watch the live show at E-Da world. At night you can enjoy the fireworks.

On the second day, get up at 8:00 am and take the feeder bus back to Kaohsiung train station. When you arrive at Kaohsiung train station, get on the bus to Cishan and Meinung. In Meinung, you can experience traditional Hakka culture and make an oiled-paper umbrella. In Cishan, you can walk on the old street to feel the traditional atmosphere. In both of these towns, you can taste many kinds of delicious cuisine. In the early afternoon, take the bus back to Kaohsiung train station and catch the MRT to Siziwan station.  From the station it is just a short walk to the ferry to Cijin. The trip to this small island costs very little and takes only five to ten minutes. When you arrive at Cijin, you can go to the beach. Some people go surfing or wading in the sea. Others will watch the sunset. When evening comes, there are many wonderful restaurants to choose from where you can eat fresh seafood. After dinner, head back to Kaohsiung train station for the trip home.  You will arrive back in Taichung with a new impression of Kaohsiung.  It really is a good choice for a weekend away from school.

Next time you are tired and want to just get away, don’t just look north or east. Look south to Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s most misunderstood city, and get ready for a good time.

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