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Friday, April 13, 2012

Breaking Stereotypes - FCU Language Center

Zoe Hung & Marian Li

To improve your foreign language ability, to make foreign friends, or to learn about other cultures, just come to the Feng Chia University Language Center (LC). At the LC, you learn foreign languages by playing games, chatting with others, or participating in activities. Learning foreign languages in this way is not as boring as listening to lectures as in a normal class.

The LC sponsors a Tutorial Hour activity. You can check out the Tutorial Hour schedule at the entrance to the LC’s computer/seating area, and then just have a seat and chat with LC language teachers. There are different languages to choose from, such as English, Japanese, Spanish, French and Germany. If you think you might want to go to Tutorial Hour activities, you had better have basic foreign language ability; otherwise, you will probably have no idea what the teacher is talking about! During Tutorial Hour, the teacher gives students a topic to discuss. Then each student shares his or her experience or opinion. By participating in Tutorial Hour, you can improve your listening and speaking ability. Remember, you don’t need reservation; just drop in!

All images courtesy FCU Language Center

Activity Night at LC EZ café is on Wednesdays. There are two types of Activity Night – food and games. In both types of activities, students work together in small groups. In cooking activities, you will make your own foreign food dish, and you will learn about other cultures while cooking – and eating! As for the dishes, they are always easy to cook. However, because these activities are so popular, you have to make a reservation. The other Wednesday activity, games, is also popular.  The games are not too difficult, and they will help you to become smarter!

If you are interested in movies, you must attend Movies Night on Thursdays. As you watch the movie, you can also eat some free popcorn! Participating in Movie Night improves your English ability because the movies’ subtitles are in English, and the teacher will ask you some questions, in English, about the movie. Improving your English, making friends and learning about other cultures are not the only benefit of attending LC activities; you can get stamps in your LC Passport for participating in these three kinds of activities. Once you get ten stamps, you can get a free drink at EZ café!

Finally, to help local students learn a second foreign language, the LC provides language exchange opportunities. Just fill in the language exchange form at the EZ café counter. After that, a foreign student who wants to exchange language with you will contact you. The time and place are flexible, as long as both of you come to an agreement.

Participating in these fun and interesting activities will broaden your mind and enrich your knowledge – and improve your English! Don’t be nervous, just relax and enjoy yourself.  For more information about LC activities, go to their website or drop by their office.  

Feng Chia University Language Center
First floor, IEE Building
Hours: M-F 08:00 – 18:00

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