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Friday, April 13, 2012

Cheng Huang Temple - Food Fit for the Gods

Sunny Wu

Hsinchu is in northern Taiwan. Since the wind is strong in winter, Hsinchu is also called “the windy city.” When people think of Hsinchu, they always think of Cheng Huang Temple. Cheng Huang Temple is a Fukien style temple; it was constructed in 1747. Now the temple is not just a religious center; it is a cultural center. That means it is a great place to eat!

When it is a holiday, many people go to Cheng Huang Temple. The temple is surrounded by various food stands. There are rice flour noodles, meat ball soup, Chinese burritos and oyster omelets. I would like to introduce A Cheng Huang food stand to you. When you first get to Cheng Huang Temple, you will see A Cheng Hau. At A Cheng Hau, they sell fried noodles, fried rice noodles, and cuttlefish and pork thick soup. A Cheng Hau uses thicker rice noodles in their fried rice noodles, so they are really chewy. I like the cuttlefish and pork thick soup because it contains lots of ingredients and costs only NT$35!

All photos by the author
Another popular food in the Cheng Huang Temple area is oyster omelets. Most people go to Wang Ji to eat oyster omelets because they are the most famous omelet stand.  Wang Ji’s omelets contain vegetables, fresh oysters and eggs. They are delicious.

Near A Cheng Hau and Wang Ji, you will see Miao Yang; they sell beverages. Miao Yang uses grass jelly or milk or pearl to make their drinks. You can mix their grass jelly with any of their ingredients. It really tastes good on a hot day!

Duck Hsu is near Cheng Huang Temple. They sell all kinds of duck dishes. I recommend their duck noodles and fried duck blood. Duck Hsu’s fried duck blood contains soya sauce, vinegar, leeks and chilies. It tastes sour and sweet, and the duck blood is soft. You won’t want to miss this delicious treat!

Next time, you go to Hsinchu, please do not forget to go to Cheng Huang Temple. Not only will you be blessed by the gods, you will also find lots of delicious foods!

A Cheng Hau
Phone: (03)528-4517
Wang Ji
Phone: (03)521-5625
Miao Yang
Phone (cell): 0921-476-999

All of the above food stands can be found at the Cheng Huang Temple, 75 Zhongshan Rd., North District, Hsinchu

Duck Hsu
Phone: (03)524-6574

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