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Friday, April 13, 2012

FCU Thinkers Salon

Clair Lin & Lynn Hsieh

The word “salon” comes from 15th century Europe, where nobles and scholars discussed and debated current social issues in the living rooms of their homes, their salons. Here at FCU, we also have a salon – the FCU Thinker’s Salon. The members of the Thinkers Salon want to improve their own thinking and expand their world view.  

All images courtesy FCU Thinkers Salon;
Members of the FCU Thinkers Salon talk about global issues that some people have heard about but most people neglect. Salon members find documentary films that they can view with other students. The most important thing that the FCU Thinkers Salon does is invite speakers who are experts in a specific area. These speakers prepare everything completely to make sure that every participant can understand the issue clearly and join in the discussion.

Each salon starts with the host’s introduction of the issue to be discussed, the film that the participants will see, and the guest speaker. After the documentary film has been shown, the speaker talks about the issue and express his or her opinion. After that, participants share their viewpoints, discuss with others, and even debate for their point of view.

Issues discussed at the FCU Thinkers Salon often inspire us. For example, in India, many children between the ages of 3 and 5 have to work at factories, but their government ignores them. Also, sexual slavery exists in every country; what can we do to help these unfortunate people? The FCU Thinkers Salon helps us compare foreign situations with the Taiwan situation.

The FCU Thinkers Salon inspires students to think about global issues which most of us neglect. When thinking about these issues, I am reminded of how lucky I am – how lucky most of us here in Taiwan are. We should do more for our society, not just sit in front of the TV and feel sympathetic. Join us at the FCU Thinkers Salon; you CAN make a difference in the world!

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