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Friday, April 13, 2012

Made in Heaven - Drama with Heart

Rachel Hsu
Nowadays, job and schoolwork are important parts of our lives. We are all under a lot of pressure, so entertainment is really important. Today, I want to introduce an opera group, The Workshop in Heaven. I recommend it to you because it is a wonderful opera group. They use funny plots, colorful costumes, and good sound effects in every performance.

All photos courtesy Workshop in Heaven;

Workshop in Heaven was established in 1996. Their members are all graduates of art schools. In the beginning, they didn’t have much money, so just relied on their enthusiasm to keep them going. Although they seldom performed, audiences still went to the theater and supported them. Workshop in Heaven members knew that they had to keep growing if they wanted to succeed, so they created more dramas in the following years. Now, Workshop in Heaven performs in national theaters and art centers all over Taiwan. They are also invited to many universities to show their creations.

To see Workshop in Heaven perform, students don’t have to pay any money. They can even interact with the performers! In addition to performing on stage, Workshop in Heaven has held drama camps at schools for more then ten years. In these learning camps, students have to design their own scripts and use amusing ways to present their works. In the process, they will know more about the art of performing. Workshop in Heaven’s creations are always based on “love.” They always spread their ideas about peace and sincerity to society. After performing for more than ten years, the members wish to have their own specialized theater and put more ideas into their works.

Workshop in Heaven is a positive group; each of their works has some meaning for us. They put a lot of mental and physical effort into every work. They hope their enthusiasm will spread their message of love and kindness. If you are interested in funny, meaningful stories, you should support Workshop in Heaven when they come to a theater near you!
For more information about Workshop in Heaven, go to their website at:

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