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Friday, April 13, 2012

ㄚ米果 - Restaurant Review

Jessie Chen & Wendy Chang

Among so many restaurants in Feng Chia “lunch box street,” ㄚ米果 is one of our favorites.  Today, we want to share it with you. Because this restaurant is located in a narrow alley off of the Feng Chia lunch box street, it is not easy to find. ㄚ米果 offers Japanese and Taiwanese food at moderate prices, so it’s worth the search.

All photos by Wendy Chang
Outside the restaurant, there is a small blackboard in front of the door. The day’s special and new menu items are written on the board. That helps customers decide what to eat. The kitchen and cashier are outside the restaurant. Remember to pick up a menu before you go in. After you get inside, the restaurant looks a little messy, dim, and small. There is a calendar, a few paintings, and a clock on the wall. Most of the restaurant’s decorations are made of wood, including the ceiling, chairs, and floor.

ㄚ米果sells mainly Japanese food, including Nabeyaki, Oden, and curry rice. The restaurant also offers boxed lunches including rice with chicken, pork chop, or stewed pork. Free cold drinks where located at the end of the hall.  

We ordered Oden udon, which is ㄚ米果’s specialty. We enjoyed this dish because it was filled with hot pot ingredients and vegetables. The udon’s texture was good – not too soft or hard. The soup was fresh and light. The chef told us that their broth is cooked from vegetables and fruits. That’s why the soup is so popular.

We come to ㄚ米果 often with friends. We all like ㄚ米果’s home style decoration, which helps us relax while we're eating. We recommend ㄚ米果’s Nabeyaki, which is light and healthy. Why not go to ㄚ米果 the next time you are wandering around Feng Chia “lunch box street” unsure of what to eat? We believe ㄚ米果 will satisfy you.     

ㄚ米果 Restaurant
No. 3, Alley 28, Lane 20, Feng Chia Road, Xitun District, Taichung  (When you go out FCU main gate, turn right on Wenhua Road; turn left at the first corner, and you will see ㄚ米果 on your left.)

Hours: Monday – Sunday, 11:00 – 22:30

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