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Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Fisherman & the Fish - Moview Review

Anfisa Kusnetsova

“The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish” is an old Russian cartoon made in 1950. It tells a tale written by famous Russian writer and poet Alexander Pushkin. Pushkin wrote the tale in 1833. This tale is about an old man, his greedy wife, and the “Golden Fish”. The tale and the cartoon are well known for their important moral message.

The old man and his old wife lived in a small hut by the sea. The old man had been a fisherman for thirty-three years. One day, he went out to fish and threw his net three times. Two times he pulled out just seaweed. The third time he caught a “Golden Fish”. The fish could talk and begged him to let it go. It promised to make any wish come true in return.

The old man let the fish go and did not ask any favor of the fish. When he returned to his hut he told his wife about the miracle fish. The old woman was angry that he did not ask anything from the fish, so she sent him back to the fish. She told him to bow to the fish and ask for a new washboard. The fish granted her wish. When the old man came back to the hut he saw his wife with a new washboard, but she was still not happy. She sent him to the fish again. This time she wanted a new small hut.

When the fish granted her second wish, the old woman still wasn’t satisfied. She was tired of being a fisherman’s wife; she wanted to be a noblewoman! She told her husband to go back to the fish again and ask the fish to make her third wish come true. The fish granted this wish too; however, the old woman still was not happy. Finally, she wanted to be the sea queen and make the “Golden Fish” her servant. The fish didn’t grant her greedy wish and gave the old woman what she deserved.

The “Golden Fish” did not get angry about the old woman’s greedy wishes, even about the last wish. However, its unhappiness with the old woman’s greed could be sensed in the scenes of the sea. The sea was calm at the beginning of the cartoon, but every time the old man went back to the fish and told it of his wife’s newest wish, there were small storms on the sea. Eventually, when the old man came to tell his wife’s final wish, there was a big storm on the sea.

The moral of the tale is that very greedy people end up with nothing. Because the cartoon shows that some people do not value small things, it also teaches us to value what we have. Finally, it shows us how some people who are unhappy also make others unhappy.

This famous cartoon is not only good for children, but also for adults. Children especially like the cartoon for its beautiful scenes. However, adults like the moral lesson more. I think students here at FCU will like it because it is something new – a Russian cartoon!  So, go to YouTube and search for “The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish.” As you watch the cartoon, you will get a feeling for Russian culture and the Russian people.

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