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Saturday, May 12, 2012

In Search of the Perfect Cappuccino

Sunny Wu & Jack Lin

Nowadays, many people try to increase their work efficiency by drinking coffee. Some drink coffee during business meetings, some while having a relaxing chat with friends, and others when they are enjoying a private moment. We think Feng Chia University students drink coffee for all of these reasons, and coffee is very popular here on campus.  Therefore, we investigated six coffee shops in Feng Chia University to see which one we liked best.  Since it is our favorite coffee drink, we decided to try the cappuccino at teach place. Here is what we found.  


The taste: Unfortunately, Heien does not sell cappuccino.  We tried the Americano, instead.
The price: The American coffee is on sale now, and a cup of black coffee is only $29 (the original price is $45). If you only like cappuccino, this shop might not be your best choice.

We did like the Heien cups, though.  They have a special design; they don’t tip over easily.

EZ Café

The taste: The cappuccino at EZ Café tastes very soft, and it smells great. It will really wake you up!

The price: If you order a meal or beverage in English ( foreign students have to speak Chinese ) , you will get 10% discount.

The environment at EZ Café is very good . You can talk to foreign students here or discuss your school work with your classmates here.
Bis in Dei

The taste: It seemed like the cappuccino contained too much milk. However, if you like a lot of milk in your coffee, Bis in Dei is your best choice.

The price: if you are a FCU student or teacher, you can get 10% discount.

Because Bis in dei is in the library, you can borrow a book or magazine and have read it while you enjoy your coffee.   

Garden Café

The taste: We thought the cappuccino tasted like it contained a kind of Chinese medicine; it tasted much different from the other cappuccinos! If you like traditional cappuccino taste, you have other options.

The price: There is no discount here, so if you don’t want to spend too much money on your cup of coffee , you have other choices in Feng Chia University .

Garden Café is located on the seventh floor in the Business College building. If you can’t find a suitable place to have a business meeting or a relaxed chats with friends, or if you just want to avoid the crowd at lunch time, this is a nice place with a beautiful view.  

7-11 City Café

The taste: We thought there wasn’t enough foam on the cappuccino. If you like lots of foam, try the cappuccino at EZ Café, Bis in dei or Garden Café.

The price: There is no discount, so if you think the price is too expensive, you can choose other coffee.

There is a coupon activity now. If you buy four grande cappuccinos and add $85, you can get a bag.

Hi-Life Hi-Café

The taste: We thought the cappuccino at Hi-Life was not too bitter. If you don’t like your cappuccino too strong, this might be the coffee for you.

The price: If you are an FCU student or teacher, you can get a 10% discount. Because this makes Hi-Café’s price lower than the others, it’s good news for students.

Hi-Café is having a sales promotion now. If you buy six venti Café Americano or five venti latte you can get a special price – NT$220 total.


Although drinking coffee can increase your work efficiency and relieve your daily pressure, if you drink too much there may be some physical risk. According to research reports, you should drink less than 500 cc per day. And if you can only drink that little, then it is important to find your favorite cup. Follow our advice and you will be sure to find that special cappuccino just right for you!  

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