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Saturday, May 12, 2012

International Trade Simulated Trade Fair - A Winner!

Lynn Hsieh

In April of 2012, our group, FCU PAPAGO team, was awarded second place in the International Trade Simulated Trade Fair Contest.  Twenty-four teams from Taiwan and China participated, and we were also awarded the champion of English Commercial Communication and the second place in New Product Presentation. Preparing for the competition, where we would promote our new product, the Driving Recorder PAPAGO P2 (a video system that records your driving experience), was really difficult for us.

Our teacher/advisor, Miss Hsu, had set high standards for us and led us by working with us. Members in our group were unfamiliar with each other at the beginning and had to cooperate with each other instantly. The lucky thing was that we all had our talents and were willing to do our best in the contest.

We had to understand the product, analyze the market, and create an innovative strategy to compete with competitors in the driving recorder field. How to attract customers’ attention was very important. The main character of the Pirates of the Caribbean, Captain Jack Sparrow became the star of our new product presentation. The host, as Captain Jack, had to pay attention to his voice, movements, and facial expressions to present our product completely. The color, the lighting, and decoration were important to our booth design. Finally, our project had to meet the standards of the judges.

The contest began on April 21, after 4 months of preparation. Competitors came from different universities and promoted different kinds of products. In the commercial communication area, the judges pretended to be our customers and asked us questions. We might have felt nervous, but we had all prepared very hard, so we had confidence to win. Finally, our representation went very smoothly, and we attracted the spectators’ attention when the new product presentation began.

We learned a lot by participating in the contest and became good friends. Though we might have had some quarrels during our preparation, sharing the same goal taught us to forgive and work harder for the group. This was a really a good experience. We improved our skill at creating an exhibit for an international trade fair, and we learned a lot from each other in the process. I am very proud of my team, FCU PAPAGO!

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