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Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Little Bit of Tibet Here in Taichung

Ray Yeh
When I was walking by the exotic restaurant Little Tibet, I was attracted by the unique and colorful decorations. Even before I went into the restaurant, I was impressed with the shop front. There were many bright decorations and colorful flags hanging outside the restaurant. When I opened the door, the smell of food came to me and I was surrounded by traditional Tibetan music. The cashiers counter was in the center of the room, and there was a unique drawing above the bar. There were many pictures of Tibet hung on the left and right walls. When I looked upward, I was surprised at the distinctive hanging lamp.

All photos by the author

Little Tibet serves Tibetan and Indian dishes. It provides appetizers, soup, main dishes, drinks, and deserts. You are free to order a la carte or you can order one of their set meals. The set meals included an appetizer, a bowl of soup, a main dish, a drink, and a desert. The price of the average meal is moderate for dinner; it is cheaper for lunch.

The waitress who served me that day was kind. She greeted me and guided me to my table as soon as I walked in. When I didn’t know what to eat, she was patient with me. She not only recommended some delicious dishes, but also taught me how to enjoy the food in the Tibetan way.

I ordered a set meal. I had pickled purple collard greens. The dish was a little spicy and sour, but it was appetizing. Although the beef soup didn’t look too appealing, it was rich and delicious. I could not stop eating the soup until the bowl was empty. My main dish was Tibetan Blue cheese with beef. This dish had a strong cheese flavor. The best way to enjoy the dish was with the yummy naan – traditional Tibetan fried bread. First, I spooned the Tibetan blue cheese onto my plate. Then, I tore the fried naan into pieces and used my hands to wrap the cheese inside a piece of the naan. It was interesting to eat in this special way. The white curd tasted a little sweet and soft. The butter tea that I had with my meal was unsweetened and a bit salty. It was really different from the milk tea I am accustomed to.

When you enter Little Tibet and find yourself surrounded by Tibetan decorations, you will feel like you really are in Tibet. Although this was the first time I had tried exotic food, I still enjoyed my meal with the kind waitress’s help. The atmosphere at Little Tibet was comfortable because the decorations were colorfuland the atmosphere was great. Of course, I loved Little Tibet’s food! If you like to try exotic food, I really recommend you Little Tibet.

Little Tibet
No.2 Qinghe Street, Xitun District., Taichung
Hours: 11:30-14:30; 17:30-20:30
Phone: 04-24522452

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