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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Old Young Brunch - Restaurant Review

Clair Lin

As I parked my scooter in front of the restaurant, I was stunned by the old house; and when I stepped inside, I was surprised again because there were so many special decorations on the walls – and even on the ceiling! This is Old Young Branch, a unique café where you can relax and get away from it all.

All photos by the author
The thing that makes Old Young Brunch unique is that the café was rebuilt from an old house with a historical past – it was built during the Japanese colonial period. At Old Young Brunch, you can relax in the slow-paced atmosphere and sink into history. The soft music they play also helps customers relax.  The other thing that makes Old Young Brunch unique is that they provide a showroom for young artist to show their works.

The menu of the café is very cute because the front side is the menu but the reverse side is a big doorplate. Old Young Brunch sells brunch, dessert, and drinks. The brunch includes salads and sandwiches. If you come in the afternoon you can order the desserts and have a cup of coffee share with your friends. They also sell many kinds of beverages; coffee, fresh milk and beer. If you order a drink with your meal and you will get a discount on the drink.

I ordered a dessert and a cappuccino. My dessert was banana toast with chocolate ice cream, which looked cute and tasted yummy. The toast was crispy and hot and tasted sweet with the chocolate syrup. The cappuccino was terrific, too. It was sweet and a little bitter, and I thought it was great. The most amazing thing was that the milk and coffee divided into two colors and didn’t mix together.

To spend a free afternoon chatting with friends was awesome. I felt relaxed because the decoration and music created a comfortable atmosphere. I suggest visiting the restaurant on a weekday so that you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, far away from both the city noise and the stress of your daily life. Give yourself the day off and visit Old Young Brunch. I believe you will love this restaurant.

Old Young Brunch
17 Dahe Road, West District, Taichung
11:00 – 20:00 (closed Tuesdays)
Phone: (04)2301-2881

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