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Friday, June 1, 2012

18 Degrees Chocolate in Puli

Kevin Chang

I want to introduce you all to a famous chocolate store in Puli. Everybody calls it Eighteen Degrees Chocolate Store. Eighteen Degrees was originally a residence in a quiet neighborhood, but when it became a chocolate shop, the whole neighborhood became noisier. Then it became a famous tourist site soon after that. Now, many people go by Eighteen Degrees and buy some chocolate every day. The boss of the chocolate store made big money, so he opened an ice cream store next door. He also provides a parking lot for customers.  

All photos by the author
Eighteen Degrees is a small store, and the chocolates are very delicate. The temperature inside the store has to be kept cool so that the chocolates don’t melt, so they limit the number of people who can be inside the store at the same time.  When you want to buy some chocolates at their store, you have to take a number and stand in line outside. Every ten minutes, a member of the Eighteen Degrees staff offers free chocolates to customers who are waiting outside. They also offer people a place to rest, free black coffee, and hot tea. A lot of people like to chat there the whole afternoon.

There are many reasons why people like this chocolate store. At Eighteen Degrees, their chocolates are all handmade, so they taste very pure. Although they are a bit expensive, they are really delicate. Both the chocolates and the packages are beautifully shaped. Moreover, the Eighteen Degrees staff will offer you an ice pack to keep the chocolate cool while you are on the way home.  If Puli is far away from home, you can also buy their chocolates on-line. They will deliver chocolate directly to your home.

I highly recommend this chocolate store to everybody. This is not only a chocolate store but also a tourist site. I was very impressed by this shop, and the next time I visit Puli, I will be sure to make time for Eighteen Degrees chocolate shop.

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