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Friday, June 1, 2012

"The Glass Slipper" - Stage Performance

Clair Lin

I recently went to see a show called “Glass Slipper,” which was performed by the FCU Congenial Volunteer Team. This show was about Cinderella, who needed a beautiful dress to meet the Prince Charming and how they live happily in the end. I have been a member of the FCU Congenial Volunteer Team since I was a freshman, but this was the first time that I could see the show from a seat in the audience. I performed in the show for last three years, so of course, I know this is hard work for every member.

All photos by the author
I was excited as I waited for the show to begin because this was the first time that I could sit and see the whole show. The show included acting, dancing and cheerleading. I was amazed by every performance and by the performers’ expressions. I think “Glass Slipper” was a terrific show; everyone, including me, was surprised that the students could do so well.

Why we have to organize the show every year? Well, the FCU Congenial Volunteer Team assists at many different awards ceremonies and other campus events, and this is their opportunity to show what they have learned about being hosts and hostesses at formal events. The show takes about three months to prepare, and members are divided into groups and work together. In the end, every member will have a chance to perform on stage. The FCU club also invites similar clubs from other schools to see their performances and after the show ends, everyone has the chance to exchange ideas with others. This is a really good chance to meet people from outside of Feng Chia University. I think participating in the FCU Congenial Volunteer Team is great, and doing this final performance is a once-in-a-life-time opportunity that not everyone gets to have.  

This year’s show was great and really worth spending the afternoon enjoying. I feel honored that I am a member of Congenial Volunteer Team. I think all college students should have the experience of participate in a student club. In a student club you not only learn some skills but also make good friends. If you join a student club, you may be a little busier than other students, but you will feel content inside your heart.

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