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Friday, June 1, 2012

Looking Back

Jack Lin

Many people think that school life is the best period in our lives because we just concentrate on our school work, take part in some extracurricular activities, and do things we are interested in. After we enter society and look back to school our “old school days,” it will usually be happy memories.  

While here at FCU, I was interested in taking some language courses. I took French for one year, when I was a sophomore student. Mr. Vicca was an interesting and active teacher. He taught French from the basics – pronunciation, some vocabulary, and how to construct a complete sentence. He also taught us some useful conversation, so I really looked forward to attending French class every Tuesday. Unfortunately, I couldn’t continue to take French because I had a required course in my third and fourth years. I’m very disappointed because I didn’t have many chances to see Mr. Vicca again, and I couldn’t continue to learn French.

The other courses I will remember are the courses I took in the English Honors Program. I have already taken this course for two years and I am still learning now. I love this course because I don’t want to end my English learning. I want to keep learning and let my English ability become much better. In my Honors classes, I strengthened my English listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills in many different ways.  In class we used PowerPoint presentations and dramas, and we also participated in Language Center contests. My Honors Program courses were really good and give me a lot of chances to practice English. 

After school, I loved to find some delicious food and restaurant where I could get together with classmates and share what happened recently (because we take different courses in our third and fourth years). In my junior year, I celebrated Christmas with my classmates. We bought pizza, wine, and fried chicken, and we each prepared a gift to exchange with a classmate.  We played mahjong until midnight; it was crazy, and we had a lot of fun.

In my leisure time, I also found a lot of fun places to go with friends. In our second year, we went to Pingshi for sightseeing. We walked on the old street and wrote down our wishes on sky lanterns and set them off. Pingshi is a quiet town and it helped us forget our school pressure. In our third year, we arranged a trip to Hualien. We went rafting and visited many places including a farm in Rueisui, the beautiful beach, and the night market. We also visited National Taroko Park. It was marvelous.
After we graduate from Feng Chia University, we will each go our own way.  We might continue on to gradual school or become police officers or government employees, or we might work for an international company. Although we don’t have the same goals, I think our friendships will last for a long time.

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