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Friday, June 1, 2012

"Meet the Parents" - Movie Review

Marian Li & Zoe Hong

We wanted to see a fun movie. One movie’s summary made us curious. Therefore, we chose the DVD, “Meet the Parents.” The movie was a comedy.

The main actors in the movie are Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro. Ben Stiller plays Greg Focker. He is a nurse. Because of his job, he is discriminated against. However, he doesn’t care about what others think. Although his girlfriend’s father, Jack, always makes trouble for him, Greg always does his best to do things well. Because Greg wants to marry Jack’s daughter, he has to make good impression on Jack. Jack is retired from the CIA. He is oversensitive because of his career, so he is very cautious. He is also subjective and stubborn. It’s difficult to change his mind.

All images (c) Universal Studios
The movie is about the challenge of meeting your girlfriend’s parents. Greg wants to marry his girlfriend, Pamela, but he has to get the permission of her father, Jack. One weekend, Pamela’s sister is going to hold her engagement ceremony (she also is getting married soon), so Pamela suggests that it is an opportunity for Greg to meet her parents. Over the weekend, Jack tests Greg. However, Greg messes everything up. Pamela is disappointed in Greg. Although Pamela still loves Greg, Jack doesn’t consider, Greg a man to be trusted.

The plot of this movie seems very realistic. Some fathers make things difficult for their daughter’s boyfriend in order to find out whether their daughter’s boyfriend will be able to protect his daughter. Both Stiller and De Niro gave great performances; their acting was vivid and amusing because they sometimes shoot each other warning glances.

The movie was not only a lot of fun. We also learned some lessons from the film.  We learned never to be impatient but to just take things step by step rather than looking for a shortcut. Most importantly, we learned to just be ourselves; we should never let people think we are phony.

We really enjoyed this movie. The plot was fun, and suspenseful – that is, we really wanted to know if Greg would get permission to marry his girlfriend! If you like comedies, and if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, you are sure to enjoy this movie.  You will understand just what the movie characters are going through. “Meet the Parents” is suitable for the whole family.

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