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Friday, June 1, 2012

My FCU Days

Vera Tu

I will soon graduate from Feng Chia University. When I entered Feng Chia University, I had no idea about finance; I just followed the class schedule arranged by the finance department day after day. I thought I had to focus on my study, so I seldom attended any outside activities.

When I was in my second year, I became a dormitory volunteer. I was a volunteer for two years, and I made a lot of friends. However, I became so busy that I failed some subjects taught by serious teachers. Also, I was busy with cram school because I decided to apply to graduate school. I missed many chances to attend other activities.

If I could change one thing about my college life, I would join the dormitory volunteers for only one year. With the extra time, I would like to attend lifeguard training. I would also listen to many speeches and find out what I want in life because finance is not my interest. After failing to get into graduate school, I started to study for a job in a bank because my father wanted me to work in a bank after graduation. This is kind of ironic. For the past four years, I have tried hard to learn finance and embrace finance. I have learned a lot about finance although I think it is too deep for me. I am not very happy because I could not do what I love. Many other students In Taiwan face the same situation because the education system does not allow them to pursue their own interests.

I think some things could be improved in the Taiwan system. First, parents need to learn how to guide their children instead of intervening. For example, many parents meddle in their child’s choice of major because they want their child to have a great and smooth life in the future. Second, the government should improve the school system to reduce the pressure that students feel. Also, teachers need to make their teaching more active. If all of this happened, Taiwan students would have less trouble expressing themselves and would be less afraid of making mistakes and taking action. If Taiwan could improve in these ways, students would be happier and more competitive.

If you are freshman, I would encourage you to attend many activities and try new things to discover what you really love. Also, you have to make your interest become your skill. You shouldn’t care about others’ expectations if you have found your life direction. However, before taking action, plan as clearly as you can. Just like Steve Jobs said, “Keep looking until you find what you love if you haven’t found it yet,” and once you find it, don’t let it go.

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