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Friday, June 1, 2012

Our Japanese Mini-drama

Jody Tu

This is my second year learning Japanese. To give myself a challenge and a memory before graduating, I joined my Japanese Conversation classmates in the Japanese mini-drama contest. We portrayed different animals like lions, foxes, bears and wolves and spoke the lines in Japanese. In order to play our roles vividly in the drama and pronounce our Japanese lines correctly, we practiced a lot together.  We watched some videos of animals, imitated the animals, and discussed our acting with our teammates.

Acting did not sound hard to me at first, but when I tried it, I found that it was difficult to think that I was someone or something else and to behave like them. It was especially hard to do some actions I had never done before. To be a good actor, you have to have good skills. First, you have to memorize your lines. Second, you must observe the behavior of someone or something. Third, you pretend to be it, or him or her and to interpret that character. Finally, you have to exaggerate your movements and expressions so that the audience can see and hear you clearly from far away. Although it was not difficulty to me to memorize my lines, it was a big challenge for me to play the role and interpret the character.

In this contest, teamwork was more important than individual skill. Hence, each team member was essential and helping each other was required. Throughout the rehearsal, we did almost everything together. For example, we practiced again and again and pointed out mistakes to each other.  Also, we bought all the things we needed and created our costumes and props together. Thus, we got to know each other very well very quickly and were in a good mood throughout the whole process.

This was an extraordinary experience for me. I overcame my stage fright and found the courage to show myself. Also, I made some new friends because of this contest. I learned two important things from this performance.  First, I learned that it is easier to be yourself than to imitate someone else.  I also learned that when your team needs you, you have to be ready to do your part – to play the role and take on the responsibility to do what it needs to be done.  If you can be yourself and be part of a team at the same time, you are sure to succeed.    

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