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Friday, June 1, 2012

Saving the Earth from Humans - A Short Story

Ray Yen

One day, the earth was attacked by cruel aliens. Because the humans were destroying their own planet, the aliens thought that to save the earth, they had to kill all the humans. In the beginning, the humans tried to defend their world, whatever the cost would be. However, the humans failed. The aliens were invisible and strong; the humans could not hurt them. The aliens were so heartless that they destroyed everything and killed a lot of humans.

The only hope of survival for the humans was to escape into the digital world through their computers. The remaining humans did this, and suddenly disappeared from the earth. This was a technology that the human created just in case there was a danger of human extinction. However, this technology was not perfect. Once the humans had entered the digital world, it was impossible to get out again. Because all of their computers were connected, the humans were, in fact, trapped in the digital world of the Internet.

At first, the humans were united against their enemy, and they thought that it was safe to stay in the digital world.  They were wrong. Interests split the humans into two rival factions. Soon, there was a civil war. The White Hacker League fought against the Black Hacker League for many years. The Black Hacker League had a strong team called Zoombit. All the soldiers in Zoombit were equipped with Virus, Worm and Trojan weapons. It was hard for The White Hacker League to stand against their enemy’s powerful attack with nothing. Thus, The White Hacker League invented Anti-Virus, Firewall and Honeypot to defend their headquarters.

In the White Hacker League headquarters, there was a lot of treasure including secrets, personal information, and codes. The Black Hacker League hunted for these treasures and wanted control over every computer. Once The Black Hacker League got control, the digital world would start down the path to ruin.

The Internet played an important role in this war. The only way to stop the war was to stop using the Internet and destroy it. There was no doubt that it was a hard decision for the White Hacker League. If the Internet was destroyed, they would be safe from the Black Hacker League as well as the aliens. However, the Internet was still there.

Eventually, the aliens found out that the humans were living in the digital world.  They destroyed the Internet, all computers, and, of course all the humans inside them.  All the humans were dead.  The aliens had saved the Earth from the humans, and the planet slowly began to come to life again.

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