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Friday, June 1, 2012

Two Hearts Together Always

Rachel Hsu & Sunny Wu
As senior students, we are going to graduate next month. In these past four years, we have experienced many things and made a lot of memories. So, we want to look back our life here at Feng Chia and share our thoughts with you, to use this essay as happy ending to our university life.

Rachel and Sunny, your authors, are classmates and roommates. We are also taking the Honors Program courses together, so we spend a lot of time together. In our first year, we went to Sansia to take a special Chinese class. We visited the Yingge Ceramics Museum first. There were many artistic productions on display there. The people at the museum even showed us the process of making ceramics. Then we went to Sansia’s old street. There were many old-style groceries on the street selling children’s toys and souvenirs. We wore cowboy hats, pretended to be cowboys, and took many pictures. We also tasted Sansia’s local specialty – croissants. It was a happy and a fun day! When we were sophomores, we took part in the Honor’s Program’s trip to Taichung Harbor. The tour guide introduced us to the history of Taichung Harbor. After that, we took a ferry out of the harbor. Because the waves were so big, both of us got seasick. It was a terrible memory.

After classes were over, we also had participated in many activities. In our third year, we went hiking in Ta Kang. While we were hiking, we encountered many monkeys! We were nervous and afraid, so we ran fast. On the hilltop, we met a group of climbers who treated us to some food and fruit. Although it was a hot and tiring day, we were still excited because it was a special experience to go hiking with friends. We also celebrated some special days together. When we had finished our final exams last semester, all of our classmates had a big meal at Gioia Papa. We ate many different kinds of pizza and spaghetti. The dish we remember most clearly was their Banana and Chocolate pizza. This was the first time we had eaten such an extraordinary pizza! In the end, all of us exchanged presents. We drew lots to decide which gift we got. Rachel got a cell phone ornament. Sunny got facial mask. We enjoyed the moment – sharing food and having fun together.
We have had many wonderful experiences in these four years. We experienced not only life in Feng Chia, but also activities after school. Although we’ll graduate soon and go off in different directions, these wonderful memories will stay with us. Our hearts will be together and support each other forever!

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