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Friday, June 1, 2012

Victory Day in Russia

Anfisa Kuznetsova

Victory Day is the greatest national holiday in Russia. It is celebrated every year on 9 May. On this day, parades and concerts take place in most cities across Russia. People celebrate the victory over German fascists in World War Two. This is one of my favorite holidays. Every year on May 9 I remember how I celebrated this special day when I was little.

On Victory Day, my sister and I liked to go to the Victory Day Parade in my city. We went to the monument called “Eternal Fire”, which was created in remembrance of those who died in World War Two. On that day, as a custom, no automobile could go to the part of the road where the monument was. At 10 o’clock, when the Parade was called “Officially Open,” we watched sailors from a local navy division march across the Eternal Fire Square to the monument. Later, we watched soldiers from a local army division march across the square to the monument, too. Both of the divisions put flowers by the fire and took off their berets. The host announced a moment of silence. The crowd became quiet and stood silent. Then some veterans were invited to give speeches about those days when they fought in war. After the veterans, some city governors gave speeches about Victory Day, veterans, and the heroism of the Russian people. At the end of the ceremony everyone was invited to give flowers to the veterans and put some by the fire.

After the parade was officially closed, we went to the Palace of Culture Square. There, we watched dance and music performances by local dance and music groups. There, we got cotton candy, our favorite sweet. When the celebration finished, we walked from the square down the central road to the bus stop. We got on the bus which route was along the main road where the parade took place earlier that day. We passed three big beautiful monuments including “Eternal Fire” monument.

When we got home, we ate some food and told Mom about the parade at the “Eternal Fire” Square and the concert at the Palace of Culture Square. Then all of us went to watch TV. We watched the biggest Victory Day Parade in Moscow. We all enjoyed watching it. Then my sister and I watched old war movies and learned how difficult those days were for all Russian people. At the end of the day, Mom joined us to watch the biggest Victory Day concert in Moscow. We all enjoyed listening to old war songs sung by famous singers who are popular now.

Victory Day is a special day for Russian people. Parades and concerts in cities across Russia attract many people to celebrate this holiday. I liked to celebrate Victory Day since I was little. Victory Day parades, concerts, old war movies, and old war songs create a special feeling in the air that makes me remember and honor veterans and those who died in the war.

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