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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cell-phone People

Annie Ju

My first part time job was working in a communication company. I gained a lot of experience while working there, but more importantly, I learned a lot about people.
One thing I discovered was that most people ask the same questions. For example, they ask which phone is the bestseller or if there is any discount. They also ask which plan is the best.  However, my customers were also very different in some ways.

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I discovered that younger people and older people want different things when they buy a cell phone. When younger people come to the store, they always want the most fashionable models. Furthermore, they are interested in the phone’s entertainment and information functions. Boys love the games and music functions; however, the girls like the camera function, and they especially like the online information functions because they can shop online just like normal shopping!

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Unlike younger people, older men and women want the same things when they look for a cell phone. Older people, no matter whether they are male or female, are not interested in fancy functions. They just want simple models; they are fond of saving money, so they just want the basic style.  Just a basic phone without camera, Bluetooth and music is acceptable. Not only that; more older people than younger people bargain on the price.

        From my experience working at a communication company, I learned not only about the newest technology and how to interact with customers, I also discovered a lot about people. 

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