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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Get Inline!

Joanna  Chiu & Athena Chen

When I was a freshman, my roommate invited me to join the FCU Roller Skating Club. However, I rejected the idea because I had too many classes and was on the volleyball team.
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        Now, I am a senior, and my roommate invited me again to watch the FCU Roller Skating Club members’ performance and dance. The show was amazing because they danced without falling down even though they wore roller skates! Some performers even performed dangerous stunts like it was an extreme sport.  The performance was so cool that I decided to join the club to learn more skating skills. I hope I will become a performer like them one day.

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        The Roller Skating Club has practice every Thursday. They also have hockey games, but I have never participated because I am very afraid that it is too hard for me, and all of the other members seem very professional. Every two months, the club holds a big activity with the other universities. One of the special activities that I joined is Christmas Skating; every Christmas, members of school skating clubs skate around Taichung city.

        We skated around Tunghai University on October 16th last year. The Tunghai roller skating club leader introduced their campus, including their farm and their famous landmark, Tunghai Church. The deepest impression I had was of skating down a long hill; we were going so fast that I couldn't handle it, and finally I lost control and fell down. Luckily, I didn't get hurt because I was protected by my safety equipment. When they saw I had fallen, others came quickly to help me stand up on my feet and cheer me up. They really did make me feel better.

        Being in the FCU Roller Skating Club not only keeps me slim and healthy, but also teaches me some useful skills.  I have learned to solve problems efficiently, and improved my leadership skills. Besides that, if club members get good enough at skating, our coach will let them know about part-time coaching jobs they can get to pick up little extra money. These jobs are mostly teaching children between the ages of 3 and 15 how to move forward and backward and how to stop. Sometimes, teachers will teach them figure skating.

        If I could go back in time, I would definitely join the Roller Skating Club when I was still a freshman. It has taken me too much valuable time just to find out that roller skating is a fun, challenging, and exciting sport. Now I am really happy that I have been lucky enough to join the FCU Roller Skating Club because it is a big, happy, and warm second home for me.

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