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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

一藤井茶菓鋪: A Restaurant Review

Serena Chen & Celeste Tseng

Last Thursday, we went to 一藤井 for lunch.  We were looking on the Internet for a restaurant near Feng Chia University and chose this one. Once we stepped into 一藤井, we were enchanted by what we saw. The restaurant is just like Shangri-La – a secret spot in the countryside, far away from city life.  Everything at 一藤井is special, especially desserts; the owner turns his desserts into works of art, each with a unique name.

All photos by the authors

The atmosphere in the restaurant is relaxing, cozy, and pleasant.  The decoration is Japanese-style.  We were surrounded by lots of furniture, paintings, and statues, all of which were brought from Japan.  The first floor is where you place your order.  At the second floor is separated into two sections.  One section has tatami mats on the floor, and the other section is normal, with wood floors and tables and chairs.  We sat on the tatamis next to the windows, where we could see the beautiful garden outside.  We listened to soft Japanese music and enjoyed the landscape while we were waiting for our meal.

At 一藤井, they have a special way for you to order your meal.  First, when you go into the restaurant, you will see pictures of their dishes on the wall.  Below these pictures are cloth pockets containing cards with that dish’s name.  You just pick the cards with the dishes you would like to order and take them to the cashier.  After we had ordered, we asked the cashier why they use this way for guests to order their meals.  They told us that every year, the owner and staff go to Japan to learn more about the catering industry.  In Japan, customers use machines to order their meals.  After the machines have printed their meals out, customers give these tickets to the cashier.  However, in Taiwan, they don’t have these machines; therefore, they use these cards instead.

At 一藤井, they serve not only traditional Japanese desserts; they also serve rice, noodles, and drinks.  Last Thursday, we had “otyaduke” (it means “rice in tea”) and a dessert for our lunch.  The appetizers were served first; we had okra and a cup of tea.  The main dishes were otyaduke with two side dishes (sweet potato and tofu).  After we had finished our meals, the dessert was served.  Although the dessert was smaller than what we expected, we still thought it was a masterpiece.  It was so beautiful that we didn’t want to eat it immediately!  When we finally ate it, we really enjoyed it; it was sweet, chewy, and smooth.

The service at一藤井is great, and the quality of their food is high.  The size of the meals is fine for women, but obviously not enough for men.  Desserts are a specialty at 一藤井; however, the prices are a little expensive.  If you go to 一藤井, make sure you bring enough money to try a Japanese traditional dessert.  It’s a wonderful place for you to have a meal with your classmates, friends or family members.

No 38, Dadun 19th St., Xitun Dist, Taichung City
(Take Bus No. 79 to 頂何厝 and walk 5 minutes.)
Hours: 11:30 – 18:00
(04) 2319-3898

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